1. Daninplymouth

    Gearing and crossing chain advice

    Hi, I’m about to take delivery on my new bike. Just wanted to check on my current bike I don’t use the 2biggest on the cassette when on the larger chain ring, 52t My new bike has a large 11-34 cassette would the same apply to this or should I try to avoid the top 3gears due to the bigger gears...
  2. Dale 1956

    Gearing on your bicycle

    I'm not sure where to post this if it needs to be move please do.Now about my gearing on my Surly Disc Trucker I run a 40,30,22 chain ring and a 11-34 rear cassette on my bicycle I can go up just about any hill when I am fully loaded and pulling a BoB trailer loaded as well.But I built my bike...
  3. 12boy

    3 speed gearing

    Been searching a bit and trying to count teeth on pictures of 3 speeds but can't figure it out. What were the sprockets and chainrings on the club, sporty and utility SA 3 speed bikes? Were all 3 the same? My 700c bike has 48/18 and I've been curious as to what the old ones had. Thanks for...
  4. D

    Brompton 3 speed gearing question

    Just had a test ride on a standard 3-speed Brompton form Evans in Leeds. Was OK really but I found the gearing to be a bit high. I think I used 3rd just once in the few hours I had it. Was nearly always in 1st with the occasional relaxed cruising on the flat in 2nd. I'm not a fit or fast...
  5. Sunny Portrush

    Numpty Gearing Question (esp for climbing)

    No matter how many tutorials I watch, I still dont fully understand gearing lol. Basically, I`ve just got back from a cycling holiday in the Alps and i bike I hired came with ultegra compact 11 speed groupsets with 11-32 cassettes on the back giving 34-32 as the easiest gear. I found it...
  6. cabbieman

    Changing cassette gearing

    Hi. Can I swap a shimano Sora 13-25 cassette for an 11-30/32? Do I need a new chain? It's a secondhand bike purchase for my niece and I don't think she could cope with the hills on a 25. Any suggestions ?
  7. Dec66

    Hub gearing question

    A mate of mine, who doesn't cycle a great deal, is about to do L2B on his hybrid, which has Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub gearing. I'm trying to work out what his ratios would correspond to in terms of the teeth on an 8-speed cassette if he had a derailleur setup (upfront is a single with 39...
  8. Dic Deryn

    Gearing: Converting to a 1 x 11 on a 105

    Hi all. I have just come back from a mini tour of Wales, one of the issues I had during the tour was climbing with a fully loaded bike. The Pinnacle Arkose I ride has a compact twin with a 32t rear cassette. Whilst slogging and pushing up many a hill, I began to thin about fearing options. As...
  9. Venod

    Gearing Change

    I have a CX bike and a winter bike (OK its another CX but with mudguards) both of these run 46/36 chainsets with 11-32 cassette both 10 speed. The road bike has (had) 50/34 with a 12-30 cassette, I have just converted it to the same gearing as my other bikes as I like the smaller step between...
  10. mangid

    Experiences moving to a lower gearing ...

    I'm probably over thinking things, but here goes ... I've ridden 48x18 (fixed) for years, and the cruise at 100RPM and 20mph feels just great, but, some mornings I'm feeling a tad ponderous, and do wonder if I should move to a lower gear. I know, it's straight forward enough to change...
  11. Dogtrousers


  12. buzzy-beans

    changing sprockets on 7 speed Freehub

    The rear Mavic wheel on my delicious bike is fitted with a 7 speed Freehub, however the 13 to 19 tooth allied to a 52/42 chain ring gearing is utterly stupid for my 68 year old legs and try as I have, I simply can't get on with it. The problem appears to be the age of the splined Freehub which...
  13. YukonBoy

    Recumbent bike gearing setup for hills

    What is the gearing setup on your recumbent bike? Am I right in thinking there is only so low you can go before the gear is too low to be usable?
  14. dhd.evans

    SS Noob Question - Gearing

    Hi guys, I've bought a Pinnacle Dolomite Single Speed (2017 model). The gearing is 44 x 18 which is grand for flats and gentle hills but, genuinely, I'm well and truly spinning out on any downhills. A quick read around shows me that replacing the rear sprocket with something smaller will...
  15. DCBassman

    Cassettes and gearing

    Fairly soon, I will need to replace chain and cassette on my Scott, it's a Sora 8-speed system. From reading various threads, it seems likely I can lower the gearing a bit by selecting a larger sprocket set, so long as it's still within the range of the Sora mech. Fine. But how do I determine...
  16. roger06

    Gearing on kid's bike?

    Hi My son has a cheap Apollo 'mountain' bike from Halfords and we've just started doing some fairly easy off road tracks. He's nine and although small for his age he's fit and sporty. However he can't peddle up even the slightest incline, he stands on the peddles and has to stop after a few...
  17. B

    Low cost models with cassette based gearing

    Just wondering what models people are aware of that have cassette based gearing rather than freewheels at the lower end of pricing. Not keen on freewheels to say the least. I know of the Carrera Intercity which is £350 but are there any other models at similar or even less pricing?
  18. Fnaar

    Gearing advice /new fixie

  19. Dave7

    Whyte Montpellier..........question re' gearing

    I am looking at bikes again as 'sale time' (hopefully) gets closer. Looking at the Whyte Montpellier I just noticed that it only has one front ring and the cassette is 11-42 (didn't notice that previously). I know it's not a "road bike" but most (maybe all) hybrids have a least a double. Their...
  20. B

    Do people like to grind?

    I don't I hate it with every fibre of my being. Today I rode up Holme Moss and from the little bridge where the climb starts proper I had to grind practically all the way to the top in which is according to the strava segment 2.2km. I spent the almost all the climb in my bottom gear of 34/32. I...
  21. CharlesF

    Lower Gearing on a Genesis CdF

    I have a 2014 Genesis CdF with a Sora 50-34T Crankset and a 11-32 cassette which I changed from the original 11-30 one. I have found that my lack of regular riding due to travelling for work and my age (64) has meant that many hills around Glasgow have become more than I can manage. I need...
  22. B

    Gearing snobbery?

    I've read a lot of bike reviews and if a bike has a 32 cassette why is the reviewer always at pains to point out the the 32 is a "bail out gear" or like I read the other day "the 32 cassette will let you ride up the side of a house"? I'd suggest the vast majority of us could well use a 32 or...
  23. A

    Ratio Query - Sorry don't undertand it all so any help greatly appreciated!

    Currently on a 50/34 - 28 - absolutely go anywhere. Comfortable with this! Am looking to change to a 53 / 39 - 32 - simply because I have a good deal on it. Can alternatively swap for the semi 52/ 36 - 32 or 28 Are any of these worth doing and I apologise for being completely useless at Maths...
  24. MiK1138

    Gearing advice

    I am currently running 53/39 130BCD on a GXP BB, always feel i am working to hard on the 53 so want to size down, I cant go 50/34, is it worthwhile going 50/38 will 1 tooth in the inner really make that much difference or should i bite the bullet and buy a whole new 50/34 crankset.
  25. Pikey

    Gearing down The Black Kite...

    So, I've tried to follow the instructions on the Trike Hobo blog etc... re. putting a smaller granny ring on my Cat 700, as I quite like going down some of the big old hills round here:hyper:, which necessitates climbing up the other side and the stock granny is a bit tall for this (think...
  26. hondated

    Sorry another compact Gearing Question !

    Ok I now own a couple of tripled geared bikes and another couple with compact gearing. As much as I try .not to I always seem to gravitate to one of the triples when I go out for a ride because its so much easier so the compact bikes are not getting used. Hence my question which is should I just...
  27. jsaipe

    Tuning Gears: A Perfect Science?

    How come your gears are perfect when your bike has been serviced in your LBS / shed / garage, but the minute you're on the road, there's always some additional fine tuning to do, a derailleur rattling etc etc. Scientific answer or just sod's law? :huh:
  28. P

    Gearing explained

    At last a simple non teccie explanation!
  29. jsaipe

    Interchanging 10 and 11 speed cassettes

    I’ve just bought myself a new Wilier road bike with an 11 speed 105 cassette (11/28T), and the remaining groupset 11 speed Ultegra (50/34T). I’d like to occasionally interchange the current Shimano wheels with my Fulcrum Racing ones, but the Fulcrum rear wheel has a 10 speed 105 cassette (also...
  30. U

    Why no more road triples?

    Why have road bikes with 3 chainrings become so much less common? Everything is a 10 or 11 speed double. Im not a fan of 11 speeds due to the potential for wider chain angles aswell as having a narrower chain to begin with. But even with wider range cassettes, triples offer so much more range...
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