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thanks - would be interested in a report back on them - have also been considering something like this (a few around) - probably a far better solution than a stick-on.
seem ok to me , certainly same ballpark as similar priced cycle specific glasses and although the reading part isnt big they work , too big might be annoying though if they were in the way

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anyone tried?
could be useful for sticking to cheapo cycling glasses for reading some bits of my pretty small screen garmin.
I use them on all my sunglasses. In fact I just transferred a set from my dark summer shades to a lighter pair this morning as it was dull. I think I paid about £15 for mine and they're brilliant. Will get some of these and no need for swapping between sunglasses !


St John Street Cycles have some discounted Busch & Muller dynamo lights- these are the two I fitted to the hack bike:

SJSC also sells wiring, spade connectors, and many other accessories.
thanks for that. I have 2 B&M rear lights where the standlight doesn't work so have ordered these at such a bargain price.


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