Show us your.......newbie progress!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Nigelnaturist, 4 Oct 2014.

  1. Lilliburlero

    Lilliburlero Pro sandbagger

    South Derbyshire
    Here`s me in 2014. Just a newbie, knocking around the local trails on the bike I`d recently received on the c2w scheme. OMFG! :eek:

    Fast forward to 2017. My first sportive :wahhey:

    Most of my progress is down to CC, especially the monthly challenges :highfive:

    Thanks all :hugs:
  2. Supersuperleeds

    Supersuperleeds Guru

    I'm calling photoshop, you don't look that good in real life :tongue:
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  3. Lilliburlero

    Lilliburlero Pro sandbagger

    South Derbyshire
    Thanks buddy :laugh:
  4. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    The strange thing is your wearing a helmet in both pics
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  5. Lilliburlero

    Lilliburlero Pro sandbagger

    South Derbyshire
    Well, in the first pic I thought had to wear one or else I would die and in the second pic I had to due to rules ^_^
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  6. SpokeyDokey

    SpokeyDokey 20% through Decade 7. Yikes! Moderator

    That's a brilliant pair of progress pic's. Full marks to you.
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  7. Mo1959

    Mo1959 Guru

    I agree. Pretty inspirational to anyone joining wondering if they might be any good at this cycling malarky.
  8. john-boy

    john-boy Well-Known Member

    Evening all. Been a while since I been on here. Haven't riden for over 2 years due to medical reasons but all sorted now and bike all serviced and ready to go. How is everyone
  9. SirDickieBird

    SirDickieBird Active Member

    Don't know about much progress but 2 months ago when I started getting out for a ride, I found myself a 10mile round trip as thought I wouldn't have time for long rides (I've since made the time...)

    Thing is on that first ride I was going at what was near the top of what I could sustain for that distance and felt pretty tired afterwards.

    2 months on and I did the same ride / route exactly and felt around the same levels of exertion along the route.

    But...I am now 10 minutes quicker than the first run, but as I improve I'm not finding the route easier - as i get better I'm trying to go faster still...

    Never-ending battle?

    Also managed to get myself at #1 on a strava segment! (for this year, not all time). Only 70 people done it and it's only 1 minute long but I am on a MTB(!)
  10. Heigue'r

    Heigue'r Über Member

    Ive read numerous times that it never gets easier...just faster
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  11. Harv

    Harv 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Didn’t get easier today for me.

    Went out but it was too icy. Fell off the bike twice. Ouch.

    The first time my partner was drafting me. They rode straight in to me.

    The second fall was less than 100m from the house.

    Bruised ribs and ego. I was keen to get out. Next time I’ll check the weather.

    I’m think about getting a turbo trainer bike for the winter now.
  12. Stonechat

    Stonechat Veteran

    Staines, Middlesex
    Well I am recovering from two broken ribs. I am still on the indoor bike, not ventured out yet
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  13. Mo1959

    Mo1959 Guru

    Hopefully not be much longer Bob. I'm having a bit of a break from the bike at the moment. Partly because I just fancy a break but mostly due to the weather. I just won't risk even the slightest chance of ice and wet, filthy roads when there hasn't been frost isn't inspiring either. Hoping the rest will rejuvenate me when I get going again.
  14. welsh dragon

    welsh dragon a permanent vacancy now exists

    What progress you have made and what a differance. Well done. You are certainly an inspiration to others :notworthy:
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  15. Stonechat

    Stonechat Veteran

    Staines, Middlesex
    Well seems to have been a bad winter which must be even more so for you
    I am sure my fitness is now improving a little
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