What have you bought for the bike today ?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Dark46, 29 May 2014.

  1. Heigue'r

    Heigue'r Über Member

    11-25 6800 ultegra cassette
    Kmc x11 chain

    Nice 1 @bpsmith ,have been meaning to treat the bike to some new bits.
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  2. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    For the van Nic, a silver seatpost (£15, couldn’t justify £161 for Ti) and a couple of 28mm tyres
  3. RealLeeHimself

    RealLeeHimself Just keep peddling, just keep peddling...

    Had my first ride out today with the new pannier rack and bag, so I’m reporting back as promised.

    After a 12-mile ride, the rack is solid and still bolted tightly to the frame, no loosening at all.

    The bags performed well. They were completely filthy by the time I returned home, but cleaned up nicely due to the laminate on the material. The recessed corners stopped the heels of my feet catching on the bags. The long bag lids helped keep everything inside dry. The Velcro straps held true throughout including over some very bumpy ground keeping the pannier bags firmly in place on the rack.

    All in all, I’m very pleased with both rack and bags. A great buy and very easy to fit.
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  4. mjr

    mjr Wanting to Keep My EU Citizenship

    Another camera handlebar mount. With all the adaptors I've already amassed, I will soon own every combination of clamp style, diameter and camera fixing known to man!
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  5. One red and one green grip for the MTB

    ......................................once a sailor etc
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  6. ADarkDraconis

    ADarkDraconis Cardinal Member

    Ohio, USA
    Not for the bike per se, but a snuggly new balaclava for me to wear while on the bike! Does that count? Lunch break shopping trip well spent.
  7. Elysian_Roads

    Elysian_Roads Well-Known Member

    Dangerous territory, the lunch break shopping trip, @ADarkDraconis! Have a new Decathlon store five minutes walk away from the office. Too easy to pop in and browse. Luckily it's relatively small so doesn't hold the full range.
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  8. ADarkDraconis

    ADarkDraconis Cardinal Member

    Ohio, USA
    ^_^ I agree wholeheartedly! This one is a local shop called Ernie's and there are about 4 of them, their smallest is right down the road from my work. It is better for my pocketbook too bad their biggest one is two towns over.
  9. kingrollo

    kingrollo Über Member

    pro 4 endurance tyres for winter bike - which is proving a very expensive winter bike !
  10. Elysian_Roads

    Elysian_Roads Well-Known Member

    I look on the bright side though. I don't think I could ever top what a former colleague did. Went out to buy some shoes and ended up buying a new house.......
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  11. mikeymustard

    mikeymustard Über Member

    Handlebars arrived today [silver ritchey anatomics- they were only a tenner so if I don't like them I can always move them on], stem should arrive tmoz, a silver planet x cnc jobbie, also ten spuds from ebay.
    And today I finally ordered the last piece of the puzzle, a silver (see the theme here?) seat clamp, so all ready to build my new ride
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  12. Regulator

    Regulator Scourge of stale, pale, male snowflakes.

    For me really, rather than the bike:

    Oakley EVZero Pitch Trails. A cracking pair of glasses!
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  13. Elybazza61

    Elybazza61 Veteran

    For the rider not the bikes.

    Was in that Laahnden yesterday and had time to spare so nipped in to the Rapha store to see what was left in the sale there and ended up with these two;

    Brevet insulated jacket and cross short sleeved jersey


    Also picked up a couple of their Camelback brevet bidons(that's three new ones after getting a Freebie one at Core Bike Show on Sunday(along with Hope mug,bottle opener and calendar plus an HT pedals t-shirt).

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  14. Threevok

    Threevok Über Member

    South Wales
    SealSkinz Open-sole-neoprene Overshoes

    They were cheap and the Q&A made me chuckle

    Q : "Hello, I would like to ask is it sale in pair or like a single shoe cover?"

    A: "They come as a pair.
    Which is useful because most people who ride bikes tend to have two feet."

  15. mjr

    mjr Wanting to Keep My EU Citizenship

    :eek: People with one or zero feet cycle too! Bad sealskinz!
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