1. Cycleops

    Unamused Christmas Pet.

    Are you planning to make your pet a little festive for Christmas? This Husky looks distinctly unamused at his owners attempt to make him Christmassy.
  2. cyberknight

    christmas avatar time

    Go on you know you want too !
  3. Accy cyclist

    Turkey eggs on Christmas Day

    Where are they? Why aren't they for sale like chicken,duck and goose eggs? This'll be my first Christmas as a committed vegetarian:angel:. Obviously i wont be eating the flesh of a turkey but i thought i might have a turkey egg or two on the big day. All i can find online are these...
  4. winjim

    Christmas music recommendations

    It's started. The bloody awful Christmas pop music at work. For some reason it's considered acceptable for the next three weeks in the usually music-free lab to blast it out while some of us are trying to concentrate. I can't stand it. Also, our little girl has started requesting we sing...
  5. U

    Show us your Christmas tree

    Let the kids do ours tonight.
  6. AKA Bob

    FNRttC Christmas Ride - Olaf's German Christmas Saturday 16th December 2017

    Ever wondered why we send Christmas Cards or bring Christmas Trees into our homes? The simple answer is its all down to German influence. We all thought he had left London but Olaf has decided to return from Frankfurt purely to lead us all on an enjoyable adventure of discovery around the...
  7. Andy_R

    Christmas presents

    This appeals to my childish sense of humour. It might just end up in the son's christmas stocking....
  8. Cycleops

    Anyone going veggie this Christmas?

    I’d like to have my traditional turkey or one of the alternatives but my wife has gone vegetarian now so I might have to follow. What non meat alternatives are there? I think I might enjoy that just as much but wouldn’t know what to get.
  9. U

    Christmas Parties

  10. Cuchilo

    I phone 8 for a 10 year olds Christmas prezzie ?

    Plus VR head set :ohmy:
  11. Yellow Fang

    Annual Christmas grumble

    It's not even past Remembrance Sunday and already it's all Christmas in the shops. I was in Caffe Nero and they had 'Christmas' written all over the windows in large glittery writing. They were selling Christmas wraps instead of falafal wraps. In TK-MAXX, they had 'It's lovely weather for a...
  12. perplexed

    Christmas Lights 2017 - Early Sightings...

    I don't know if I can claim the first, but I reckon I have a good punt... Driving through Ashbourne yesterday I spied my first lot of Christmas decoration/lights... Anyone else spotted any yet!?
  13. biggs682

    Christmas decorations all ready

    Just been to our local boutique garden centre and they have an area of Christmas decorations out already....... Bah humbug is my answer
  14. PeteXXX

    Best recipes for Christmas leftovers

    Turkey curry.. Turkey sandwiches.. Turkey Fricassee.. <Yawn>
  15. bikegang

    Christmas ride with New York LE Brompton

    The new stock upgrades are kind of nice. Love the colour and ergonomic bull horn grips.
  16. Roadhump

    Christmas cracker jokes

    I remember these 2 from this afternoon: Q) What is the fastest fish in the world? A) A motor pike Q) What is E.T. short for? A) Because he has no legs Any other crackers?
  17. MarkF

    Christmas dinner

    Every year MrsF gets in a tizz, she can't multi-task, the wine doesn't help, but every year she gets in a bad mood as she tries to keep everything together. There are pans & utensils everywhere, kitchen like a bombs hit it. She thinks I can't do it. But I can multi-task and did it today for the...
  18. JtB

    Merry Christmas to All

    Wishing all CycleChat members and their families a joyous Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year when it arrives.
  19. Hill Wimp

    Happy Christmas to @shaun

    Happy Christmas to you @Shaun and thank you for all that you do for us.
  20. Andy_R

    Merry Christmas

    Being a jaded old cynic, I tend to get a tear in my eye only when catching myself in the zipper on my trousers...... ...wibble.... Merry Christmas you lot!
  21. D

    Christmas things you miss

    My Nan would always get The Sunday Post newspaper when I was a kid. Every week I would sit down and read the cartoons. At Christmas, she would get me either the Oor Wullie or The Broons annual. I loved them! It's funny the daft old things that pop into your head this time of year!
  22. Lilliburlero

    Christmas day rides

    Anyone planning to get out tomorrow? I`m going to take the Cx out for a very early morning trail and road ride.
  23. Shaun

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. :snowball: Sorry I haven't been around the past few weeks; my wife has been quite ill. She's recovering but it'll take me a little while to catch up, so if you've emailed or sent me a personal message I'll get to it over the holidays. I hope you all have a lovely...
  24. tyred

    Christmas isn't fun for everyone

  25. biggs682

    Christmas Eve Building

    We have a little tike's car and a play kitchen to assemble for our grandaughter on Christmas eve , has anybody else got similar jobs to do ?
  26. srw

    BBC Christmas Carol Quiz

    How well do you know your Christmas music? (10/12. I can't do sums (Q1) or puns (Q5))
  27. Levo-Lon

    A little Christmas cheer..

    Lets have some festive funnies...ill start
  28. biggs682

    James Corden and crew murdering some Christmas songs

    Not sure hpw many have already seen this View:
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