1. Flick of the Elbow

    What didn't you get for Christmas ?

    Nobody bought me any whisky this year :sad:
  2. damj

    No booze yesterday Christmas!

    There's a first - probably since my late teens. At 46 stopped booze in September this year not touched a drop since. I didn't think it was such a big issue, after all I haven't really drunk much since my early twenties, however, once the kids were born and work pressures increased I'd drink to...
  3. Easytigers

    Christmas Cheer

    Well blow me (not literally!)...took the oldest to the local working man's club for a quick Christmas pint while Mrs Easytigers did the washing up - I did ask her to join us but she wasn't up for it...nothing unusual there (bugger...just got a crack around the head as she's reading over my...
  4. roadrash

    christmas rhyme

    Shamelessly pinched from elsewhere..... A cycling Christmas is what I’d like Riding around on my Raleigh bike For miles and miles if I only could Forsake the turkey and Xmas pud Not caring about any ice or snow Over the hills and dales I’d go No staying indoors for my bike and me Watching...
  5. Falco Frank

    Merry Christmas

    Since we've probably all been hearing Greg Lake's 'I believe in Father Christmas' song a lot lately... There is a very appropriate verse for those of us whose dreams revolve around two wheels: I wish you a hopeful Christmas I wish you a brave New Year All anguish pain and sadness Leave your...
  6. U

    What bike related Christmas gifts have we all received?

    I'll kick of with these from my son Andrew ^_^
  7. Pro Tour Punditry

    Christmas Eve is whatever Christmas Eve music you want music night

    Let's get the party started View:
  8. speccy1

    Happy Christmas and thanks.......

    Thanks to you guys on here that have been kind to me:smile: Have a great Christmas, and above all...RIDE SAFE:okay:
  9. jayonabike

    Christmas food

    Spent most of today in the kitchen baking a few bits. 3 Different types of sausage rolls (Lincolnshire, pork and cheese, pork and caramalised red onion) Baked ham with a marmalade glaze. Mince pies steeped in brandy Dogs got her eye on the ham
  10. totallyfixed

    Who's riding Christmas Day?

    We always ride Christmas Day if here, tomorrow will be no exception, looks like it might be a tad wet though.
  11. Shaun

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas everyone :snowball: and a Happy New Year! I hope you all have a lovely time in the company of people you love and cherish; eat and drink yourselves silly (and promise, firmly, to start the diet again in the new year); and have a nice break from all the hustle and bustle and...
  12. O


    Happy Christmas to all the contributors. Sometimes we have crossed swords, but only because we all want the same thing, a growing and successful sport. Onward to 2016, it will be an interesting year (and one more to add to my too big personal total). May 2016 bring us all we would wish for. And...
  13. bikingdad90

    Christmas bike bling

    Surprised there is no thread on this yet. In the last week before Christmas my bike shall be blinged up with some cheap LED lights to spread the festive cheer. I am also planning on putting some tinsel on and wearing a Santa hat. What does everyone else do?
  14. M

    Christmas Present Labels

    So far, the kids have presents under the tree from: Rosie and Tiger (their pet cat and gecko) Fingle, Stevehog and Snuffles (fox and hedgehogs who come to the garden) Pharaoh Roche and Bastet (we went to Egypt this year) Chicken Noodle Soup fairy Is it just us? They're probably more excited...
  15. welsh dragon

    completely useless Christmas presents.

    I've just been reading flip board and came across this hilarious report. Does anyone else have or know of any completely useless present for the person who has everything perhaps?
  16. Smokin Joe

    Friday Night is Music Night: Christmas Songs

    It's been done before, but why not? Loads to choose from and some goodies - View:
  17. vickster

    Christmas deliveries to workplace

    What's the oddest thing you've had delivered? This caused much merriment in my office today. It's for my brother's fiancée... My email from reception...1 spade in for you :D
  18. Dave 123

    Ho, Ho, Ho a BBC quiz on Christmas spending 5/10 for me
  19. Spoked Wheels

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all CC members :)

    Just as the thread title says..... Merry Xmas to you all. I hope that father Christmas brings all the cycling goodies you are wishing for. :smile:
  20. Fab Foodie

    Corbyn's Christmas Card

    Gawd bless 'im ....
  21. mr messy

    12 Days before Christmas non-Christmas Christmas related songs

    Not Christmas songs but related to Christmas in some way... James Blunt-Wisemen View: Hendrix-Hey Joe(seph) View: Donkey-I'm a believer! View:
  22. swee'pea99

    Rubbish LED Christmas lights!

    Just got the tree up & the lights plugged in, and the elegant white LEDs my wife got aren't working - or at least, three-quarters aren't working. They were new last year! Fortunately the cacky vulgar multicoloured old style filament ones I got off ebay (because I think Christmas tree lights...
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