1. Slick

    Your Christmas bike story.

    I have to admit, not sure if its an age thing or not, but I had a tear in my eye thinking back to my old man working 7 days to keep 5 of us in the manner to which we had become accustomed, and my dear old mum working nightshift and trying to stretch the cash as far as possible to make sure we...
  2. PeteXXX

    Show us your... Christmas Tree 🎄

  3. biggs682

    Christmas Tree real or fake ?

    So how many peeps go for real tree's that can be re planted in the garden Or do we all go for fake ones ? We bought a potted one about 10 years ago and it just about got through the first year , so once Christmas was over we planted it in the garden and to our horror it had hardly any if any...
  4. vickster

    Vegetarian Christmas lunch

    My first non meat eating Christmas and I need to buy (or possibly make if quick and simple) something to go with all the trimmings (excluding stuffing and pigs in blankets). Any suggestions? Cost not a particular consideration. I'm not keen on mushrooms if a dominant flavour and lots of things...
  5. brodiej

    Best Christmas ad ever

    Robert Dyas You won't see a better ad this festive season View:
  6. cookiemonster

    Christmas Hols

    Anyone got anything planned? I'm off to Hokkaido, Japan. My fav part of the planet, except Speyside ^_^
  7. Fab Foodie

    First signs of Christmas....

    Thurs 24th October, FFS.... Shame on you Heathrow T5 B gates.
  8. Beebo

    It’s Christmas!

    first mince pie eaten! Best before date of 20th October.
  9. M

    Post Christmas Shape

    Oh boy. For once my Christmas involved far more food and alcohol than is safe, and far less cycling or any other exercise than I would like. I hopped on the bike for the first 5 mile commute since mid Dec and really felt the difference. Do people come out of the "party season" in worse or...
  10. PeteXXX

    Christmas 'Guess Who'

  11. Fab Foodie

    Christmas Day 2018 diary!

    How’s it going today? Santa’s been....
  12. Reynard

    Favourite Christmas Carols

    Just wondering what CC's favourite Christmas carols are. Do you folks like the traditional, well-known or more obscure? Or carols from other countries? Three of my favourites are: Gaudete Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Patrzcie Bracia Jeno
  13. Lullabelle

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a lovely time :cheers: Peace and good health to you and your families.
  14. Dave7

    Ahh that loving christmas spirit

    Someone we know went to visit his Mums grave yesterday and lay a "Christmas wreath". They went again today to find that someone has stolen it. Nice eh :sad:
  15. steveindenmark

    Merry Christmas from Denmark

    I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope the New Year brings all you wish for.
  16. Shaun

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Myself and the mod team would like to thank you all for your continued support through 2018. :highfive: Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we hope you all have a lovely relaxing festive break. Take care, be safe, and may the wind be always at your...
  17. Ming the Merciless

    Merry Christmas from Mars

    Just been ice skating across this beauty. Masses of ice found on Mars.
  18. Smokin Joe

    Friday Night is Music Night: Anti Christmas Songs

    Forget "I Wish it Could Be Christmas Every Day" and all the usual tripe. This is one for the Grinchs. View:
  19. potsy

    Finally getting into the Christmas spirit...

    ...I am not a fan of Christmas, but thought I'd make an attempt at being festive for a change. I am growing a Santa Claus beard, even got the grey to make it look authentic :snowball: This is the longest I've ever lasted not shaving, usually got fed up by now ^_^ Anyone else struggle to...
  20. slowmotion

    Happy Christmas folks

    Well, I eventually got my festive hat on. Have fun.
  21. Fab Foodie

    Disgraceful tragedy of Christmas.... Please help. Send all unwanted cheese to @Salty seadog @Hill Wimp and @Fab Foodie where they will ne loved, appreciated and adored. Remember, cheese is for life...
  22. PeteXXX

    Christmas Day ride?

    Who'll be out riding on Christmas Day? I might not be able to get out this year, due to family commitments, but will try my best to! Last few years have been esyto sneak out for a few miles, so I can't complain.. Boxing Day should be OK though :bicycle:
  23. rugby bloke

    All I want for Christmas is ...

    I am sure you have all been very good boys and girls this year so you will no doubt be rewarded with a visit from the big man and his bulging sack ... What are you hoping that he will deliver ? As I am going to Merbel for a skiing holiday on the 23rd, for me Christmas has come early in the form...
  24. cosmicbike

    Christmas Tree Shopping

    For at least the past 10 years we have always had real trees, and buy them from our local grower, Maurice Mandry. Generally it's a PITA that takes at least an hour to find one that is the right shape, not too spikey, not too tall, but tall enough, and has to be the right shade of green. By the...
  25. guitarpete247

    Christmas avatar

    Who's got their christmas avatar up then?
  26. Rooster1

    Christmas Lights

    This is in reading, near me.... Knob ends. Literally
  27. M

    When to put up the christmas tree

    Is there an official Tree Day? Do you have strict rules or family traditions about when to loose the spruce? Do you ever stir the fir before December?
  28. postman

    CHRISTMAS pressie found.

    Yes that word and it's only September.But i must let you all know about this fab jersey i stumbled on this morning There is another but i prefer this,Santa Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssse.I have been a really good boy this year.[
  29. postman

    Christmas decorations 2018.

    This years early award goes to Barton Grange Garden Centre in Lancashire,already has a great number of cards and boxed sets of cards out.August
  30. ColinJ

    Aaaaaaaaargh, it's Christmas ...

    2018!!!!! It is December 28th 2017, 3 days after Christmas, and I have just seen my first TV advert for Christmas 2018! I kid you not. Time to start saving for the next one ... :cursing::wacko:
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