1. tyred

    Christmas - what is the point?

    50 or 100+ years ago when most people weren't very well off financially and there was also a lot less selection in what they could buy for most of the year, the traditional Christmas dinner and all the trimmings and presents was probably something to look forward to as a break in the middle of...
  2. Welsh wheels

    Go on little exercise how you done over Christmas?

    I approached Christmas with a determination to smash the Festive 500 and get loads of miles in over Christmas. Guess what, it didn't happen! A combination of bad weather, enjoying the warmth of the house too much and being busy. I've done about 60 km so far and have just been lazing around over...
  3. wheresthetorch

    Favourite non-cycling Christmas present?

    Here's mine. I wanted a copy for ages, but it went out of print and used copies were selling for silly money. At last, a second edition has been printed (well, two years ago - been on my wish list for a while!).
  4. BalkanExpress

    It’s Christmas: so here’s a bit of panto.

    Panto seatpost7 by BalkanExpress posted 25 Dec 2017 at 23:31 Stem by BalkanExpress posted 25 Dec 2017 at 23:31 Chainset by BalkanExpress posted 25 Dec 2017 at 23:31 Just collected a Concorde frame with some pantotastic parts. Not that common in a late 80s bike, the suggestion is that the...
  5. colly

    Christmas dinner at my daughter's house.

    For the first time in literally decades we haven't hosted the family at our house. My lovely daughter and her husband provided a terrific Christmas dinner and me and mrs Colly have just sat there and been provided for. I could get used to this.
  6. Accy cyclist

    Merry Christmas to all on CC and beyond

    :hugs: :cheers: :smooch:
  7. Shaun

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas everyone. :snowball: Thanks for your amazing generosity and continued support through 2017. I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing break and get to spend time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love. :cheers: or :cuppa: Take care, be safe, and I look forward to...
  8. gavroche

    Any jobs need doing over Christmas holidays?

    I will be replacing a handrail post and handrail sometime before January 9th. Also, laying down some anti slip roll on the drive as it can be dangerous due to the slope. My wife fell down a couple of times and keeps moaning about it. Don't intend to start until the end of the week though.
  9. johnnyb47

    A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :-)

    Hi. I just wanted to Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It's been a breath of fresh air, being able ,to having the opportunity in getting to know all you fantastic members, and reading all the different subjects and topics that have been posted. In fact I would go as far as...
  10. Dave7

    Last minute (christmas) shopping anyone??

    Mrs Dave went into town yesterday to get her hair done. Walking thro town later (11:30ish) she says it was heaving. There seemed to be lots of guys wandering around as though in a trance. Then....... she got to a jewelers and people were queuing out of the store and down the street. She...
  11. jefmcg

    Happy Christmas

  12. YukonBoy

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Hope most you manage to get a ride in amongst all the other stuff.
  13. Randombiker9

    You guys doing anything for Christmas?

    So do you guys celebrate Christmas and if so what you doing. We're not doing much as i'm going away to Netherlands on Sunday. i want Sunday to come quicker :).
  14. annedonnelly

    Aldi Christmas puds

    I'm sure I've read good reviews of Aldi Christmas puddings in the past. I drove past an advert for Aldi with a rather lovely looking pudding with orange slices. Normally I only go to Aldi when they have bike stuff on special offer, so I'd have to make a special trip. So are Aldi puds nice and...
  15. Jason

    Can we talk Christmas trees

    We have always had fake trees, which would be pulled out of the loft at the beginning of December. This year,for reasons neither of us can fathom,we wish to get real! What: 6 footer and green Variety: clueless Stand: does it come with one or another expense Maintenance: how do I stop the needles...
  16. Tilley

    Post Christmas Ride

    Hi All, I have planned a ride on Friday 29th December with some friends on the South West and Wales Trike riders Facebook page. Riding from Bristol to Bath along the cycle path then onto Bradford on Avon via the Kennet and Avon canal towpath. After a lunch stop at Bradford then returning to...
  17. J

    What you having for Christmas dinner?

    Just ordered Turkey for me and my folks from Waitrose - click and collect on a day of your choice, which I think is handy. Conventional turkey - basted with smoked bacon on top, none of the fancy 'porcini mushroom stuffing' ones that they're punting. I'll also be getting a gammon and the usual...
  18. Cycleops

    Unamused Christmas Pet.

    Are you planning to make your pet a little festive for Christmas? This Husky looks distinctly unamused at his owners attempt to make him Christmassy.
  19. cyberknight

    christmas avatar time

    Go on you know you want too !
  20. Accy cyclist

    Turkey eggs on Christmas Day

    Where are they? Why aren't they for sale like chicken,duck and goose eggs? This'll be my first Christmas as a committed vegetarian:angel:. Obviously i wont be eating the flesh of a turkey but i thought i might have a turkey egg or two on the big day. All i can find online are these...
  21. winjim

    Christmas music recommendations

    It's started. The bloody awful Christmas pop music at work. For some reason it's considered acceptable for the next three weeks in the usually music-free lab to blast it out while some of us are trying to concentrate. I can't stand it. Also, our little girl has started requesting we sing...
  22. U

    Show us your Christmas tree

    Let the kids do ours tonight.
  23. AKA Bob

    FNRttC Christmas Ride - Olaf's German Christmas Saturday 16th December 2017

    Ever wondered why we send Christmas Cards or bring Christmas Trees into our homes? The simple answer is its all down to German influence. We all thought he had left London but Olaf has decided to return from Frankfurt purely to lead us all on an enjoyable adventure of discovery around the...
  24. Andy_R

    Christmas presents

    This appeals to my childish sense of humour. It might just end up in the son's christmas stocking....
  25. Cycleops

    Anyone going veggie this Christmas?

    I’d like to have my traditional turkey or one of the alternatives but my wife has gone vegetarian now so I might have to follow. What non meat alternatives are there? I think I might enjoy that just as much but wouldn’t know what to get.
  26. U

    Christmas Parties

  27. Cuchilo

    I phone 8 for a 10 year olds Christmas prezzie ?

    Plus VR head set :ohmy:
  28. Yellow Fang

    Annual Christmas grumble

    It's not even past Remembrance Sunday and already it's all Christmas in the shops. I was in Caffe Nero and they had 'Christmas' written all over the windows in large glittery writing. They were selling Christmas wraps instead of falafal wraps. In TK-MAXX, they had 'It's lovely weather for a...
  29. perplexed

    Christmas Lights 2017 - Early Sightings...

    I don't know if I can claim the first, but I reckon I have a good punt... Driving through Ashbourne yesterday I spied my first lot of Christmas decoration/lights... Anyone else spotted any yet!?
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