1. nlmkiii

    Cube Agree GTC with di2. 54cm frame

    Dear all, I‘m selling myCube that is 8 years old. Its in good condition. It has new Shimano RS wheels, new derailleur jockey wheels Fitted in March this year. I’ve ridden it once since. I have all original paperwork Asking Price: £400 delivered. Will include the standard post as well. Payment...
  2. Twilkes

    Triban 520 Winter vs Cube Attain Race

    £899 vs £1300ish once the mudguards are on - if I went for the Triban it would be 105 and hydro actuated discs, Cube would be Tiagra and cable discs. What might I regret by buying the Triban? I like to be swift but no real sprinting or race manoeuvering...
  3. S

    mudguards for cube crossrace pro 2019 model

    i have just fitted my bike with some panaracer gravel king tyres 700 x 38c. i have a 2019 cube cross race pro. the bike has blind tapped holes for the mudguard mounting points. does anyone have any suggestions for a reasobly priced full mudguard set that is suitable for the 38c tyres? many thanks
  4. Jamieyorky

    Cube Town Pro Hybrid

    Selling my cube town pro hybrid bike. 7 speed shimano nexus hub geared. Frame is a 54cm. Full mudguards and rear rack. Nexus front dynamo with led front and rear light. This bike is in fantastic condition and has hardly been ridden. Bought new by myself in 2017. Fantastic commuter Only selling...
  5. J

    cube acid 400 ebike

    ok guys the raleigh motus i was after has gone out of my price range 2600,WOW anyway all is not lost i hope, i spotted the cube acid 400. so anyone riding one and whats the lowdown on it good thing theres a dealer not far from me and its a lot cheaper than the raleigh. your thoughts will be much...
  6. LeetleGreyCells

    Your experience with Amazon Fire TV Cube

    A bit of background: We have happily used an Amazon Fire TV Stick for several years. It worked very well with our old TV (15+ years old) and with our new TV. The new TV is 4K HDR10+ and having watched a few programmes using another device, we've found our new TV is capable of a stunning picture...
  7. T

    Cube Attain Race, Tiagra Group, Hydraulic Brakes, 56cm

    Selling this lovely Cube Attain Race. It is 56cm a beautiful grey colour with vibrant contrasting orange, it is very nice the pictures really don't do it justice. There's a few minor marks on the paintwork but nothing noteworthy. The groupset is complete Shimano Tiagra 20 speed including...
  8. Dave Davenport

    Cube Attain SL

    Cube Attain SL /2018 / 60cm / £700. Friend's son bought it (£1300) and never rode it, as new. SO50 post code area. If anyone's interested can send photos etc.
  9. T

    Cube & Scott vs the big 4

    Hello all, in my search for a my first road bike ever I came across those brands Cube and Scott ( their frame warranty is 5 or 3 years) Compare to Dale, Trek, Giant and Specialized who have lifetime warranty if somebody owns them who can give me feedback on them Thank you
  10. MahatmaAndhi

    Help me Find a Part - Alexrims Cube Wheelset

    Hi all, I was going to get my rear wheel back from a friend but he said that he's misplaced a part. I've Googled everything that I can and I can't find anything. The part is the end cap that covers the bearings for the rear wheel. I've Googled everything and have found nothing. I've searched...
  11. Origamist

    Cube Attain GTC Pro Disc 2016 58cm F&F

    This is a 2016 Cube Attain GTC Pro Disc 2016. Carbon composite frame and fork for sale. Comes with Syntace x12 thru axles and BB. Geometry for 58 size: More info and specs here: I'd describe its...
  12. Dave 123

    Cube Agree GTC with di2. 54cm frame

    Dear all, I‘m selling myCube that is 8 years old. Its in good condition. It has new Shimano RS wheels, new derailleur jockey wheels Fitted in March this year. I’ve ridden it once since. I have all original paperwork, it’s been featured many times on this site. £750 £750
  13. Hicky

    Cube 240 child’s mtb

    It’s been owned by us from leisure lakes Bury since brand new. Both my sons have cut their teeth on it hence it has some war wounds(see pics for details). The bad parts first for honest, to get it looking great it would new revoshifters as they’re little battered however they still work and some...
  14. nickg

    Cube attain gtc pro carbon disc (please discard)

    As the title really. 2017 in pretty much immaculate condition. Anybody got one any feedback please?
  15. P

    2017 cube stereo 120 HPA pro

    Anyone any idea what would be a sensible offer for this bike, seller is looking £800, very good condition?
  16. BSOh

    Cube Access Hybrid pro 500 - any advice on which spec?

    Hi everyone As my little commuting car has died, I have 99% convinced myself to invest in an e-bike through cycle to work scheme instead of replacing the 4 wheels. It will save me ssssooo much money. My commute is only 9 miles each way but at one end is basically a 2 mile long hill. I also...
  17. Dave7

    Cube Brand Bikes Question

    Does anyone know if Cube make bikes branded with another name ie make bikes for other companies? When I was cycling in Menorca I met a couple on a ride with hired road bikes. They were both on the same 'make' which I had never heard of but they did look very nice. They told me they were made by...
  18. T

    Cube Ladies Access Hybrid Pro electric bike. Black/Coral

    NOW SOLD. Excellent condition. 6 months old . Always kept indoors. Size 16 in. Bosch 500. 4 power settings. Used for 500 miles mostly on road. Stock tyres are schwalbe smart sams 2.60. Spare set of scwalbe marathon plus 2.10 tyres. All receipts, manual etc to show. Never had a problem with this...
  19. Nytsom

    Opinions on 2019 Cube Attention 29'er Hard Tail ?

    Opinions on 2019 Cube Attention 29'er Hard Tail ? Your thoughts on this bike? what upgrades if any? Thanks Link to Model >> :
  20. gmw492

    Cube Agree Sizing

    Have Cube altered their geometry to nearly the same as other makes.I had a cube agree years ago and had to go for a 56 as you had to size up then, I am looking at the cube agree c62 size 53 and their geometry now comes in similiar to other brands, top tube and reach similiar to 54 models, Has...
  21. MrGrumpy

    38c max size on a Cube Cross Race Pro 2016

    As above currently got some gravel king 35c SK tyres fitted but rear is quite worn and looking to fit something slicker for the road. Anyone squeezed anything bigger than 35c on ? Wheel rims are Ryde Edge 25 OS
  22. K

    Replacement Fork - Ribble fork on Cube - Help with measurements

    Hi, After posing about some general comments on fixing up my broken Cube Peloton 2010, I need help with comments in bold, below I am hoping this fork will be a similar replacement (but I cannot be sure of the original fork sizes). Its listed as Compatible with 1 1/8 45 x 45 Integrated...
  23. Paulq

    Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 400 vs Hybrid Pro Allroad 400?

    I already own a Haibike which I leave at my place in the Lakes - best thing I have ever bought. I am looking to get another e-Bike to use at home and have narrowed it down to these:
  24. L

    Which bike is better ?

    Hi Out of these 2 bikes which one would you buy and why? 1. 2.
  25. Phaeton

    Cube Acid 400

    I have an itch I have a feeling I need to scratch, I want an ebike but find the price off putting, cheapest I can find is the Cube Acid 400, I already have a Cube which I'm happy with but is there an alternative?
  26. L

    Cube Aim MTB's how are they?

    Hi all This thread is in relation to my previous thread. I have finally narrowed it down to 3 bikes that I will choose one of them as it matches my price range. As well as I have heard positive things about cube bikes and negative opinion from my local bike shop but I figured he was biased...
  27. BianchiVirgin

    Cube Attain SL Disk 2019

    Just collected; Cycle scheme through work. I'll get a small part of my commute done Tues, Wed and Thur and the winter spins with club. I'll transfer my flat pedals for Look Keo for the Sunday...
  28. BianchiVirgin

    Cube Attain SL Disk

    Looking at this bike in C2W scheme to use as a winter and general purpose machine. I'm trying to ignore the previous post to this one but any comments? I can get the 2018 model with a big discount and the 2019 model with a 10% discount but which will see them within £50ish of each other...
  29. Tobes

    Cube Attain Sl 2018 wheel issues

    Hi, Wondered if anyone else had experienced any issues with Cube wheels? I bought the bike Mid November (Cycle Surgery Victoria), against some advice from colleagues who were all pushing me to go the Giant/Specialised route. However for the money it was the only bike offering full 105 group...
  30. TyrannosaurusTreks

    Cube Agree c:62 hybrid

    Hi all, has anyone got one of these bikes.
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