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Thank you - now £24 delivered !!
I paid £29 for a black one but I am happy. At that price, it made it worthwhile buying one for the toolkit. If it were £50 or £100, I'd get a bike shop to do the job for me.

Seems like the coloured ones (red,blue etc) are £8 dearer. Not sure what difference the colour makes to its ability to straighten a hanger?
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Thanks. I've just watched the video and it seems far easier than I'd imagined.
I've never done it before but it's very easy. Took me five minutes start to finish (including taking off the rear mech and re-fitting).

With the chain on small front and back, there is plenty of slack to undo the rear mech and just leave it hanging.

The measurement part takes seconds and I checked practically every clock position and its opposite.


P.S. If you follow the link and trawl through his pics I've seen the Elephant and it is superb. I want one!
is that even legal? and how did he get it to stand still?
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