1. oldwheels

    Accident and Breakdown cover

    I have just got my renewal from the AA where I have been a member for many years mainly probably due to lazyness in not checking for better deals. I notice that accident management applies to England,Wales and Mainland Scotland only. If I go to an English or Welsh island I am covered but since I...
  2. A

    Accident causing broken front wheel - what do I do?

    Had an accident today heading down Jewell's Hill toward Saltbox Hill today. I'm fine, but my front wheel is completely bent and unusable. Don't think there's any damage to the frame, but will take to LBS to check. Driver overtook me around a hard shoulder, then drove into a blind corner and...
  3. tom73

    A eye-watering reminder why you need bar end plugs.

    Disclaimer .... Lads don't look if you do your eye will water :cry: You've been warned :eek: The poor lad it's going to take some time to get over this.
  4. M

    Accident detritus zones

    (This has probably been done before - a bit of fun with an annoying reality). Noticed yesterday that my local council has put another one of those zones in at the side of the road for all the detritus from accidents etc. The zone runs for some miles and is well used with lots of broken glass...
  5. cyberknight

    Mate in serious accident

    Velo Moira News - serious accident. On Friday morning Tim Ellis was out riding in Grangewood when a transit van travelling from Netherseal failed to stop at the junction. Tim had to swerve round it to avoid collision but into the path of an oncoming car which hit him. He has been in the...
  6. bluezelos

    First accident last night, please tell me I am not the first to do this...

    Whilst approaching a red light at a junction, tried to be cocky and approach very slowly it out of my saddle trying to balance anticipating the lights would change without me having to release my SPD cleats from the pedals, unfortunately this happened (apologies for the profanities)...
  7. T675Rich

    Pedestrian looking at phone hit by cyclist gets compensation

    Apologies if this has been posted or this is the wrong place, also the source but I couldn't see it covered elsewhere. A pedestrian who stepped out into the road while looking at their phone has been awarded compensation from a cyclist who hit her...
  8. Gravity Aided

    Dead Badgers found whilst cycling

    Funny, last fall I examined a dead badger as well. I was not aware badgers lived in my area. But they do.
  9. spen666

    Nearly Had a Cycling Accident on Saturday

    So, this time I was a pedestrian when I narrowly advoiding colliding with a 10 year old riding a BMX bike. The 10 year olds mother had a go at me blaming me for the near collision as apparently I should have been more observant and looking out for her son riding his bike. Fair comment you may...
  10. tyred

    Hit and run accident (whilst driving)

    On a suburban road, I was driving through a roundabout ( straight through - taking the second exit) and was already on the roundabout when a Citreon people carrier arrived to my left at the first exit and although going relatively slowly I sensed it wasn't going to stop as the driver wasn't even...
  11. dhd.evans

    Accident - What next?

    Summary: Came up inside of stationary traffic, parallel to car that suddenly indicated and turned left across me. Over the bonnet to meet the ground. Police attended for sake of recording incident. I am fine nothing more than scrapes and bruises. Front wheel is goosed, handlebars too - bike shop...
  12. Racing roadkill

    Another day, another sodding accident.

    I’m on a 150 odd mile excursion today, And it’s not gone well. Someone drove straight into the back of me, as I was waiting in an ASL, and Pringled the rear wheel. Fortunately there was a little bike shop ( Chelsea bikes, next to the Worlds end pub in Chelsea ), and the guy had a 700c rear...
  13. Doobiesis

    Terrible bike accident.

    First Sunday in Jan headed out to a frequent ride. Trying to clear my head for exams. On my way back on a fast part 25 mph my back wheel caught some mud and I could do nothing to stop having a very bad fall. I fell in the middle of a road and tried to get myself out of the road but my arm was...
  14. kingrollo

    Getting back on - after accident

    Had a minor skirmish earlier in the week. A car clipped my back wheel - no damage to me or bike. But have gone through a range emotions - from taking up golf - buying a turbo - buying a bike camera.... I was only 10 minutes from home - but I was very nervous those last 10 minutes and haven't...
  15. B

    Accident claim advice

    I was involved in an accident with a London bus nearly 3 years ago which I posted here not too long after it happened and have been dealing with one of the 'no win no fee' law firms since. To briefly describe what happened, I was deliberately barged by a driver of a double decker bus on my...
  16. Sheffield_Tiger

    Any London Camera Cyclists see a Focus rider doored by blue astra? 29/7/17 nr. Tottenham Hale

    Just asking on the off-chance for a mate in case anyone caught it on camera. He was doored by a Romanian plated metallic blue Astra this lunchtime around half twelve near Tottenham Hale. Bike fine but scratched, he's just bruised hopefully (hopefully as he's supposed to be doing LEL in the...
  17. KnackeredBike

    Can accident compensation be reduced if you don't wear a helmet?

    I was speaking to a solicitor today (I know, short straws) and they said that because the Highway Code recommends wearing a helmet if you have an accident when not wearing a helmet then any compensation can be reduced by the percentage that non-helmet wearing contributed to the injury. A quick...
  18. U

    Serious bike accident clip

  19. robjh

    Culinary accident that turned out good

    I boiled a pan of chick peas dry this evening while in the next room consulting an online cycling forum, and after retrieving what I could, was left with a mess of dried-out, mushed-up and slightly charred legumes at the bottom. What to do? Answer : Bit of tahini, olive oil, garlic salt and...
  20. BrumJim

    Positive Cycling Accident News in Birmingham

    If there can be such a thing:
  21. B


    I had my worst accident today as I fell off at a mini roundabout. I have no idea what caused it, other than perhaps some grease on the road or slippery paint and I just lost my front wheel. The visible result (to the bike) was: Both shifters bent out of place (I hit the road falling to my...
  22. Spinney

    Ice dancing - sort of!

    Enjoy! (apparently no-one was hurt in the making of this video) There are some good versions set to music too. It's the kind of thing you'd expect to happen in this country, not somewhere like Montreal where I thought they were used to...
  23. davidphilips

    another horrific accident last tuesday morning
  24. annirak

    2 years since my accident

    It's been two years and a day since my accident. I was sent home in a neck brace two years ago today, after spending the night in hospital following a crash that saw me fracture one vertebra in my neck and three in my thoracic spine. The C-spine fracture caused me to temporarily lose sensation...
  25. SteCenturion

    Ride London Accident

    Hope all cyclist's injured are recovering well...
  26. Smokin Joe

    Ride London Accident

    Wonder what happened there? looks serious -
  27. TwickenhamCyclist

    Accident due to poor design

    After a pretty lengthy incident free period of several years I had a nasty one last night. No other vehicle involved luckily. On my road bike. Turned right from an A road into a local side road (ironically following the advised cycle route that forms part of the London Cycle Network) felt like...
  28. P

    Another accident caught on camera

    Interesting variation on the theme View:
  29. G


    Hi there A few months ago I got my first road bike (Giant Defy 2) - I got clipless pedals put onto the bike which have taken a bit of getting used to and I've covered a fair amount of miles without too much incident (the odd minor fall, etc). However, tonight, I was out on the bike on a cycle...
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