brake pads

  1. JoeWakefield03

    Brake pads!!

    I’m looking for tektro e10.11 brake pads and have stumbled across some nukeproof pads (“Nukeproof Shimano deore m515-m525-tektro disc pads”). They look to be the same size, any help please...
  2. silva

    Magura rim brake HS-33 new brake pads, rim distance adjustment screw at its end

    First, some days ago I replaced the brake pads with new ones named "Saccon set brake pads Magura". The brake handles have screws at their base, that are used to bring the pads closer in order to compensate for wear. But I had to leave them at their end of range, in order to have some braking...
  3. dave147

    Gear and cable replacement and brake pads

    How much should I be looking at paying for a set of cables to be replaced on my 2016 giant defy o. Also not sure if my pads need replacing they don’t seem as good I now They won’t worn all the way down as I don’t do 1000’s of miles.
  4. P

    Tektro 350 brake pads swap to shimano 105 with pad holders possible

    Hi there, wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to swap my tektro R350 brake pads with Shimano items. The existing Tektro ones don't have the cassette type where you swap out the rubber blocks only such that you find on Shimano. Can I simply swap the whole block or will they be...
  5. BorderReiver

    Ceramic Rims and Ceramic-specific Brake Pads

    I have treated myself to a pair of DT Swiss ceramic rims so I thought I'd better get some special ceramic brake pads for my (Ultegra) calipers. I've tried both the "special" pads and the normal ones and can't tell the difference in braking performance. I imagine the ceramic pads are a harder...
  6. Tom B

    Recommend me some brake pads for Avid Single Digit 3 Brakes

    I've not bought pads or blocks for cantilever brakes for many a year as I use disks. However the missus needs some replacement blocks for her trek. The bike carries some weight so decent pads are required and the cheapos arnt cutting the custard. What do you recommend?
  7. ren531

    Raleigh insert brake pads

    Does anyone know where I can buy some replacement brake pads for my Raleigh Lenton I would like to use the original shoes that have removable pads ,found 1 or 2 on ebay but not the correct ones ,thought you guys might know where to look , they are 49mm long and 10mm across the shoe on the...
  8. BigTam

    Brake pads Shimano GO3ti

    2 sets of Shimano Go3ti brake pads, £16 posted for the pair.
  9. Adam4868

    Kysium exalith brake pads

    Anybody who has these wheels do you use any alternative pads to the exalith ones ?
  10. wyre forest blues

    Shimano L02A - replacement / compatible brake pads.

    I have Shimano RS805 calipers on my Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1. The brake pads are L02a which need replacing. Has anyone used alternative brake pads to the L02a or any suggestion where I can source compatible pads. At £15.95 (Wiggle price) for a set Shimano L02a they are taking the proverbial...
  11. Salty seadog

    Aztec disc brake pads. Any experience?

    Need to grab some new disc brake pads, one lbs has recommended these as a good value vs quality brand. Can get two sets of sintered pads, (whole bike), for £16. Anyone tried them?
  12. ianrauk

    Brake Pads for Bromptons

    Tell me folks? Best ones? Recommended ones? or stick to the plain old Brompton ones? The supplied have only lasted 3 months. Which isn't bad in the scheme of things, but maybe there's better?
  13. alecstilleyedye

    replacing disc brake pads

    just want to know how to change pads on my tektro lyra disc brakes. do i need any special tools, or is it just a case of using fairly standard bike tools. i'm mechanic enough to change rim pads; are disc brakes much more tricky?
  14. MrGrumpy

    Shimano J02A brake pads

    Anyone tried any of the other copies of these that I have seen on the bay ? Have to say I`m not getting much joy out of the original shimano resin pads. Hell of a squeal from the discs which indicates contamination however can only assume its crud from the road etc . Its the second set of these...
  15. davidphilips

    2 simple questions about bike brakes?

    first why is it that some brake pads just dont work very well with some rims yet work great with other rims? I fitted new pads to a bike with shimano rims and the brakes where not great (rims clean etc) yet the same brakes work great with mavic rims? Both rims are alloy and clean and pads are...
  16. Tom B

    New Bike (Disk) Brake Pads worn out in 37miles!

    Those of you who have seen my posts in other threads will be aware that 10days ago I bought a Boardman Team FS bike and am busy getting to know it. The bike is specified as being fitted with Avid DB1 Hydraulic disc - 160mm Rotor Rear Brake. I noted that the bike is actually fited with SRAM...
  17. autolycus

    Rim Brake Pads Questions -Tutorial?

    Please excuse the very basic questions but this is all new to me and i can't find any obvious answers out there to myriad simple queries. I've been a bit underwhelmed by the performance of my Tektro 1 V-brakes in the wet weather and was wondering if a change of pads might help. The present ones...
  18. bruce1530

    which brake pads

    Hi, What sort of brake pads do I need for HY/RD disc brakes? Google suggests TRP-BP-B20.11, but also suggests that a number of much more commonly available pads (including some shimano) are compatible. Any wisdom or recommendations? (something I could pick up at Halfords tomorrow would be...
  19. jahlive905

    Upgrade on these bike shoes/pads

    I've got these on my beat-up single speed. I've only had them on for about four months and they've already worn thin. Probably something to do with my mostly cycling around central London and braking for traffic lights. Anyway, does anyone have suggestions on an upgrade to these? I imagine...
  20. EasyPeez

    Trp Spyre brake pads

    Hi, After 5,700 miles it's become obvious that my pads need replacing so just looking for recommendations from anyone using spyres. Is there a noticeable difference in performance and/or lifespan with some of the pads over others? Swisstop organic at £22 seem a lot compared to £9 for Deore, but...
  21. alecstilleyedye

    quick tip when changing cartridge rim brake pads

    having previously used a combination of pliers and bad language to remove the inserts from cartridge brakes, the stubbornness of the campag brake cartridges forced me to rethink. solution? a tiny flat-head screwdriver (like you get in a watch-maker's set) used gently under the old cartridge at...
  22. e-rider

    changing car brake pads - Citroen Xsara Picasso

    I'm pretty good at basic mechanics so thought I'd give this a try and save lots of money on garage fees however, when I try and determine which pads I need there seem to be several listed for my car, all slightly different sizes and spec. how would you usually determine the correct ones - take...
  23. antnee

    FSA replacement road brake pads

    Perhaps I have not searched enough yet but nowhere so far can I find any FSA replacement brake pads as the ones fitted to my PX RT58 are wearing out in fact they seem to be all moulded in one piece I am amazed that FSA don't sell them all I can find is the complete brake calipers for sale...
  24. B

    Brake Pads

    I have Tektro R312 dual pivot caliper brakes, but I can't find much about them. My understanding is they accept new pads as they are a cartridge system. However, I can't get the old pad out as the Allen key just spins in the tiny bolt, it's almost rounded (which surprises me as I have never...
  25. Absinthe Minded

    1st time replacing disc brake pads - what do I need?

    Hello, all, Since I am too lazy / too pushed for time to take the pads out just now, is there an easy way to tell which type of brake pad I need? I only really want to put any effort into taking the pads out when I change them, I don't want to do it twice. I've got a 2016 Giant Defy 1 Disc...
  26. K

    Changing brake pads

    I need to replace my brake pads, truth be told I should have done it a while ago... They are cantilever brakes. I accidentally bought the type with a smooth pole sticking out, whereas mine need a shorter threaded pole. Doh! Are they compatible with other types of threaded brake blocks, or must...
  27. Kell

    New brake pads

    So the brake pads supplied with the bike about 1,400 miles ago were feeling a bit underwhelming. Thought I'd look into new pads which turned up this weekend. Was very surprised to see my rears were so worn down. Another week and it would have been metal on metal. Is this normal?
  28. DWiggy

    Cheap brake pads could shorten the life of your wheels...don't do it!!

    I have quite a hilly commute with long fast descents which means I'm on my brakes at high speed quite a bit, last year I went through 2 sets of Shimano R501's because the rim had concave severely so replaced with set of hopefully stronger Mavic Ksyrium in combination with some Swis Stop greens...
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