brake pads

  1. Jenkins

    Shimano XT - XTR disc brake pads - free to a good home

    I have two pairs of new, still in packaging pads which are now surplus to requirements as the bike they were spares for will soon be running SRAM kit instead of Shimano. One pair is Lifeline organic material, the other are Superstar Components organic material. According to the Superstar pad...
  2. Adam4868

    Disc brake pads.

    Time to bite the bullet and change my pads.... It's a Tiagra hydraulic disc brake bike.Any recommendations ? Thanks
  3. Badger1

    Exalith brake pad alternatives

    I have some Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Exalith wheels on my bike and I’m struggling to get some Exalith brake pads. Can anyone recommend an alternative? When I bought the bike I was recommended that I stick with Exalith pads but since Mavic have been bought out/sold they’re not available. There...
  4. Slick

    Brake Pads & Other Spares

    Its a bit of a huge longwinded story but after finally getting exasperated with my usual bike shop, I have finally managed to get my bike booked in to somewhere for a badly needed service but unbelievable only if I supply the brake pads as he can't get them apparently. :eek: This maybe sits...
  5. B

    V brake pads dont fit

    So my old v brake pads are 55mm long and I replaced them with 70mm pads. They seem to fit the rim properly without touching the tyres however, when I try to connect the brake cable again, It doesnt not connect as there wasnt enough space to pull the cable in any further. Please help me.
  6. David5416

    Disc brake pads squealing/contaminated

    I have seen something on a previous post but can't find it for the life of me. The said post recommended putting contaminated disc pads in a hot oven as this should ideally burn off the contamination. Well having another set of contaminated pads for some reason, I duly put them in a hot oven...
  7. The Central Scrutinizer

    Brake quick release problem

    I just bought new shimano brake pads for my Giant Defy as the old ones were quite worn. They are the two part cantilever type where the pad fits into the carrier. The problem i have is that after installing the front brake pads the wheel won't turn when the quick release mech is in the closed...
  8. S

    Which rod brake pads are best? And can they be adjusted by fixing at an angle?

    I snapped off one of my bike's rod brake pads while I was trying to adjust it (sorry tale reported in more detail in my previous post: ) and since I can't find a mechanic to repair them am trying myself, though I know...
  9. Tom B

    Problems with Shimano Disk Brake Brake Pads.

    This is getting annoying. I've just lost the friction material off another brake pad. It's not worn away, it's broken off the backing plate and been ejected out of the caliper. *The good pad in the picture is not the other pad from the pair it's one that's been kicking around my box of bits...
  10. I like Skol

    Genuine Shimano G02S resin disc brake pads.

    One pair of genuine Shimano G02S pads including spring and split pin. These were removed from a new caliper because I use sintered/metallic pads and are unused. £6 including UK postage. Payment by PayPal friends & family or online bank transfer.
  11. CanucksTraveller

    Anyone had "correct" brake pads refuse to fit?

    I'm having trouble fitting new brake pads into my calipers. The brake is a Promax DSK 717, it's basically mechanically identical to the Avid BB5 and has two round pads which secure in place with a spring. The pads come out one by one through the slot where the rotor sits. These are the pads...
  12. Maherees

    G02A Resin Brakes Pads

    Hi all, i just took the brake pads out of my bike to inspect them and see the number on the pad is G02A resin. A search on the internet shows that like for like brake pads are a little like hen's teeth - they are so rare. Is there any substitute i could use instead such a B01S? The brakes are...
  13. Maherees

    What disc pads?

    Hi all, I have a Merida Ride Disc 500 bike which has Shimano RS785 160 discs according to the spec. I was just wondering what disc pads are suitable? And are they hard to fit, I believe they may be mechanical so no need for hydraulic work. Many thanks
  14. M

    Where in the UK can I get some Tektro brake pads P437?

    I can't seem to find the Tektro brake pads P437 for sale anywhere. I saw them on Wiggle last month, but they don't sell them now. Does anyone know where I can get them from in the UK or which brake pads have replaced them?
  15. bungyb69

    Boardman adv 8.9

    Anyone know what pads and discs I'll need to sort my brakes out! Any help will be greatly appreciated
  16. Gixxerman

    Finding the correct brake pads - 2009 Trek 8500

    I am looking for some new brake pads for my Trek 8500 (2009). I have looked on the caliper for some type / part numbers and cannot see any. The Trek archive is no use as it just lists the brakeset as Deore XT Ti. I have bought some of the correct pads a few years back, but I cannot remember...
  17. kj92

    Brompton B75: How to fix Uneven brake pads on front wheel?

    Morning all! Mere kilometers away from my 200km goal this month, my bike riding buddy noticed that the brakes on my bike were constantly biking on the front wheel (a lot more so on one side than the other). First I tried adjusting the brakes using the nut on the brake levers, but they made no...
  18. JoeWakefield03

    Brake pads!!

    I’m looking for tektro e10.11 brake pads and have stumbled across some nukeproof pads (“Nukeproof Shimano deore m515-m525-tektro disc pads”). They look to be the same size, any help please...
  19. silva

    Magura rim brake HS-33 new brake pads, rim distance adjustment screw at its end

    First, some days ago I replaced the brake pads with new ones named "Saccon set brake pads Magura". The brake handles have screws at their base, that are used to bring the pads closer in order to compensate for wear. But I had to leave them at their end of range, in order to have some braking...
  20. dave147

    Gear and cable replacement and brake pads

    How much should I be looking at paying for a set of cables to be replaced on my 2016 giant defy o. Also not sure if my pads need replacing they don’t seem as good I now They won’t worn all the way down as I don’t do 1000’s of miles.
  21. P

    Tektro 350 brake pads swap to shimano 105 with pad holders possible

    Hi there, wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to swap my tektro R350 brake pads with Shimano items. The existing Tektro ones don't have the cassette type where you swap out the rubber blocks only such that you find on Shimano. Can I simply swap the whole block or will they be...
  22. BorderReiver

    Ceramic Rims and Ceramic-specific Brake Pads

    I have treated myself to a pair of DT Swiss ceramic rims so I thought I'd better get some special ceramic brake pads for my (Ultegra) calipers. I've tried both the "special" pads and the normal ones and can't tell the difference in braking performance. I imagine the ceramic pads are a harder...
  23. Tom B

    Recommend me some brake pads for Avid Single Digit 3 Brakes

    I've not bought pads or blocks for cantilever brakes for many a year as I use disks. However the missus needs some replacement blocks for her trek. The bike carries some weight so decent pads are required and the cheapos arnt cutting the custard. What do you recommend?
  24. ren531

    Raleigh insert brake pads

    Does anyone know where I can buy some replacement brake pads for my Raleigh Lenton I would like to use the original shoes that have removable pads ,found 1 or 2 on ebay but not the correct ones ,thought you guys might know where to look , they are 49mm long and 10mm across the shoe on the...
  25. BigTam

    Brake pads Shimano GO3ti

    2 sets of Shimano Go3ti brake pads, £16 posted for the pair.
  26. Adam4868

    Kysium exalith brake pads

    Anybody who has these wheels do you use any alternative pads to the exalith ones ?
  27. wyre forest blues

    Shimano L02A - replacement / compatible brake pads.

    I have Shimano RS805 calipers on my Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1. The brake pads are L02a which need replacing. Has anyone used alternative brake pads to the L02a or any suggestion where I can source compatible pads. At £15.95 (Wiggle price) for a set Shimano L02a they are taking the proverbial...
  28. Salty seadog

    Aztec disc brake pads. Any experience?

    Need to grab some new disc brake pads, one lbs has recommended these as a good value vs quality brand. Can get two sets of sintered pads, (whole bike), for £16. Anyone tried them?
  29. ianrauk

    Brake Pads for Bromptons

    Tell me folks? Best ones? Recommended ones? or stick to the plain old Brompton ones? The supplied have only lasted 3 months. Which isn't bad in the scheme of things, but maybe there's better?
  30. alecstilleyedye

    replacing disc brake pads

    just want to know how to change pads on my tektro lyra disc brakes. do i need any special tools, or is it just a case of using fairly standard bike tools. i'm mechanic enough to change rim pads; are disc brakes much more tricky?
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