1. RobinS

    Non-Stick frying pans for camping

    Myself and my wife while touring for three months each year, like where possible to have a fry-up for breakfast, and also eat fried chops, sausages etc for evening meals. For many years we used two Trangia non stick frypans, bought back in the 1990's, and they were fantastic (used on gas...
  2. RobinS

    Inland France during summer holidays (camping)

    Hi, As we are working in Chamonix until late April our departure for the summer cycle tour is not going to be until something like mid-may, which for decent length tour takes us into the French school holiday period cycling home (probably from Spain). I know coastal/touristy areas will be...
  3. Blue Hills

    Winter camping?

    Fancy the odd microadventure. Possibly freecamping (most campsites seem to close by the end of October anyway, if not earlier) Anyone got any tips for winter camping (or even bivvying). Am of course prepared for "don't", "just don't". But once I've recovered from this cold or bug (caught on...
  4. Zipp2001

    Camping Season is over !

    Well the camping season is over and the Lake Dennison region almost becomes a ghost town. So why not spend a cool crisp Fall day rolling around the closed roads of the campgrounds. I ran into 6 walkers in the two hours of play time, and a couple cars by the lake, but nowhere what you would...
  5. chriscross1966

    Camping on my Brompton

    Henrietta all set up for camping by chriscross1966 posted 6 Aug 2019 at 16:07 Henrietta all setup for a recent trip to BlueDot festival... Front bag is a Fiets-a-Parts Rolltoptas, they're a dutch company, the bag is made for them by RadicalDesign (the folks that make Brompton bags for...
  6. bladesman73

    First ever wild camping tour ... shall I?!

    Hi All Am seriously considering going off to the Netherlands by myself for a few days with just my bike and a rucksack! Never wild camped before so wanted to hear from anyone who has done this before and maybe in the Netherlands. What essentials do i need to take (apart from cycle tools, food...
  7. fossyant

    Le Mans Camping Advice (by foot no car)

    My lad and a few mates are off to Le Mans next Weds and staying until Monday. Having a bit of a debate about 'weight' - i.e. he's got to carry stuff. So far he's got our 2 burner stove (will need to buy campingaz out there) but is wanting to take a small generator (about £200) - that he'll...
  8. PeteXXX

    Charging for 'Wild Camping'

    Just seen this in the Grauniad.. Charging for Wild Camping.. ~£20 a night!~ Really?
  9. Andy in Germany

    Hammock Camping

    I've been looking around for ideas about tents and things for touring, and increasingly I'm finding references and YouTube videos to hammock camping, and Tarp camping, which I confess I've never heard of. The idea appeals, especially in Japan where we'd need to travel light and the nights are...
  10. PeteXXX

    Bike security overnight whilst camping

    As the title says.. Bike security overnight whilst camping? Assuming the bike, and yourself, don't both fit in the tent overnight, how do you secure your bike?
  11. B

    any shetland isles camping photos and also general ones please

    can you show me pics of the island chain and also any shots with tents please
  12. Boopop

    Glasgow to Inverness cycle tour help (wild camping + bike transport)

    Hello all, Some of you may remember me asking about wild camping options in Perth when planning a cycling tour last year between Edinburgh and Inverness. Well I thoroughly enjoyed that tour, and my tales of it to the cycling club I'm involved in has piqued some interest, and it looks like I've...
  13. Blue Hills

    Winter camping bivvying?

    Anyone done it/does it? Is it just damp miserableness? Any, er, hot, tips? I have bivvied in a field in a very wet mid March somewhere between Birmingham and London. Came to no harm.
  14. flyingfifi

    Camping in Scotland

    Does anyone know any good websites for camping sites around Scotland :bicycle:
  15. GmanUK65

    Camping food recipes

    I don't know if this has been done before or in the correct forum but here goes. There is no doubt that when touring there is bound to be a time that I would have no option but to wild camp. I wouldn't really want to build a campfire but I would have to eat so a camping stove would be a better...
  16. Dic Deryn

    Twr de Cymru

    So setting off tomorrow along Lôn Las Cymru towards Machynlleth with the aim of getting to Cardiff. Camping with a view to bunkhouse Warmshowers if the weather turns wet... we are in Wales after all! Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation to all who contribute to the forum, I have been...
  17. Boopop

    Wild Camping in Perth

    All the campsites in Perth are booked due to a festival, d'oh! Would it be legal for me to wild camp in Kinnoull Hill Woodland park, or would that count as "enclosed land"? Thanks. :smile:
  18. Blue Hills

    Free/wild camping tips

    Can any of you nice folk offer good tips for finding free camping spots when touring? Or tales of places you have freecamped/bivvied? Particularly unlikely ones? No precise locations of course. Can't be having those on the web. I do have an arrangement with an individual to share spots. On...
  19. The Lone Rider

    Camping with your Cycle!

    Ok so its less that 6 weeks before I set off on my BIG challenge. When on tour what is the best way to lock your bike up while camping? I have a long steel cable and lock but does anyone use an alarm. Thoughts and advice please Many thanks in advance
  20. Iainj837

    Camping in Holland

    I'm thinking going cycle camping in Holland any recommendations for camping sites?
  21. jay clock

    Light tent, freestanding, stealth colour?

    Due to me doing this trip I have decided on a tent upgrade. Many of the US sites have gravel or even semi-indoor under shelters and free standing tent is vastly better. Other requirements are green for stealth, light weight and decent quality. This little beauty has...
  22. Shaun

    New Walking, Scrambling, Geocaching and Camping Forum

    Hello everyone, As part of a number of changes I'm making, I've set-up a new forum for people with an interest in walking, scrambling, climbing, geocaching and camping: The new site will help generate additional revenue to top up the CC pot, and as I already had the forum...
  23. Camerabag

    Self Inflating Camping Mats

    Quick query - we already have a couple of self inflating camping mats which are heaven - but huge! Fine in the boot, bit OTT on a bike. Looking online, but they tend to be displayed inflated and flat - I wonder if anyone has any recommendations for ones that pack up small? Many thanks.
  24. C

    E-bike camping

    Hi all I'm thinking of taking my self off for a weeks camping tour on my e-bike. I have no experience of campsites, do facilities usually include somewhere to recharge batteries? Not contemplating any of this Ray Mears wild camping lark.
  25. Tom B

    New To Cycle Camping / Touring / Journeying - What do I need?

    I have been thinking about trying out a bit of cycle camping. Mrs B has given me permission to try it out and didn't seem too fazed when I suggested I might cycle to Cornwall (from Lancashire) and meet her there for the summer holiday we have planned. Before embarking upon the Lancs - Cornwall...
  26. ThompsonCrowley

    Cycling through Europe (part 6)

    Farewell to our cycles… The rain had continued. It wasn’t particularly windy, so the drops just kind of casually fell to the ground around us, but it had been persistent. By the time we got to the end of our ride we were well ready to set up tent and get dry. And then finally we were there-...
  27. ThompsonCrowley

    The river Meuse cycleway (Belgium/France)

    A short cycle through Western Europe (Part 5) La Meuse cycleway… After we’d cycled about 30km south of Namur we came across Dinant. This was an extremely beautiful town set on the banks of the river Meuse, with a large citadel looming high above it all. And all that beauty was reflected in the...
  28. ThompsonCrowley

    A short cycle through western Europe. Part 4 - Belgium...

    Belgium… We weren’t sure what it would be like crossing the border from Holland into Belgium. We were both very naive. Would there be some kind of patrol? Some kind of gateway? We doubted it, what with the open borders. But we at least expected something. We were travelling along some small...
  29. ThompsonCrowley

    Cycling from Amsterdam to Tilburg on a trike...

    A short cycle through Western Europe (part 3) Our arrival into Europe… It was sad to say goodbye to Rags and leave him in a cage, but he wasn’t allowed inside the ferry with us. And there were a few other dogs where he was too, so at least he would have some friends to woof with. And we could...
  30. ThompsonCrowley

    Getting Started - My first bicycle tour!

    My first proper tour by bicycle started when I was 22. I’d just returned back to Lincolnshire, the town where I grew up, after a year of travelling around in a campervan. The trip had opened my eyes, and I’d caught the bug of wanderlust. I was just desperate to get back on the road. But the van...
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