1. G

    Bkool issue

    How can I test that the resistance on my Bkool Smart Pro is working properly? I have just done a rode of 13 miles (20Km) and it seemed very easy and I had knocked 5 minutes of my previous best time whereas previously I was struggling to knock off seconds. Everything else seems to be working ok...
  2. G

    Bkool question

    Have got back on the Bkool simulator after a three year absence. I can set a route and set up other virtual cyclists on the web page but then can’t see how I ride the session on the Bkool app as it doesn’t seem to show any sessions that I have set. There no options to look at booked sessions...
  3. hugopinto

    BKool - 3d route creation

    Is there a limit on how many 3D routes a user can create (trial mode or per day/week/month)? The 3d routes are the feature that I like most in BKool compared to Zwift. Created a few 3D routes during my (current) trial window, but now none of my uploads is giving me the 3D creation option. Any...
  4. MasterDabber

    BKOOL Pro Quick Release Skewer - where from?

    My wife has just started to use my Bkool Pro (on BigRingVR) and will use her Giant Hybrid. I swapped over the skewer from my bike for her to have test and play but I can't find anywhere I can buy a second skewer. Any ideas please.
  5. gos

    The Bkool website

    Hi, Does anyone know what the "Absolute", "Male veteran 2" filter means on the rankings page on the Bkool website? Also, what is the definition of a "season" in the period filter? Also, generally speaking does anyone know what Bkool's statement of direction with the website is? Are they...
  6. O

    Bkool resistance problems

    Hi all, like a few others I've had problems with my Bkool TT not offering any resistance on rides :sad: I emailed the support line and received a reply the following morning offering advice that worked :okay: basically they suggested that I ensure my sensors were being seen by the system, which...
  7. Rhysito

    Anywhere to try bkool or zwift

    Thanks to some useful feedback on another thread I am considering joining the ranks of virtual / turbo / indoor (I dont know the lingo yet!) riders. However, purchasing a turbo trainer is quite an outlay. Is there any gyms or places in London where you can have a trial session on one of these...
  8. B

    Bkool Ghost race issue

    Has anyone else come across this issue when doing a Bkool Simulator ride using only ghosts for company?.... so tonight I selected a bunch of ghosts within a narrowish time range (about 26-32 minutes) for a 12.5km route and had all 25 ghosts fly past me like I wasn't there on the first uphill...
  9. pally83

    Bkool Power Issues

    I've just picked up a Smart Pro 2 and it's massively over reporting power compared with my PowerTap P1s. The Bkool software worked pretty well taking the power from the pedals then controlling the trainer's resistance but I can't get it to work properly with either Sufferfest or Zwift. ANT+ for...
  10. J

    Bkool issues - new user

    Hi I wanted to try out Bkool for the first time this evening - but I couldn't even get started. Just for background, I don't have a smart trainer, just a normal one with speed and cadence sensors. The problem is, Bkool will pick up and connect to my speed, cadence and heart rate sensors, but...
  11. Andrew_Culture

    Bkool Smart Go Trainer (White) One Size

    Well I don't understand these things. I've tried and tried (but admittedly not that much) but I just don't get the appeal. So I'm selling my Bkool turbo trainer. I've still got the box and all that stuff. £210 and I'll pay the postage.
  12. Justinitus

    NOW SOLD. Smart Go Trainer inc Thru Axle Adaptor

    As part of my mini clear-out, I bought this from a friend back in Jan to try out and having found indoor cycling isn’t for me, I’m going to let it go. It’s the BKool Smart Go virtual trainer with Bluetooth connectivity built in (it doesn’t have ant+ but any external one can be used). I’ve used...
  13. M

    new bkool issue

    Is anyone else having issues with the latest bkool simulator. I can no longer get routes to display in video mode.
  14. cabbieman

    Bkool- Am I looking in the wrong place.

    Hi. Bkool newbie question. Sorry. I'm in the premium free trial period and one of the things that attracked me to it was the idea of using real footage whilst riding. All I can find are the simulated rides. Have I read it wrong or are they there but I just can't find them?
  15. cabbieman

    Bkool trial period question.

    I thought I'd give it a trial to see if I like it because I like the idea of cycling up proper hills etc but all I get when I fire it up is just a background of misty hills with a timeline along the bottom. Am I doing something wrong? I thought I'd get to use it as intended.
  16. Andrew_Culture

    Bkool Go Trainer - using brakes and killing bearings

    I've searched the forum and can't find anyone else who has posted about this problem. I set up my new Bkool Go and jumped on my bike, just to give it a spin. After a few seconds I got some (virtual) speed up and was having a great old time. Then I was politely reminded by my family that I was...
  17. Velochris

    BKool Smart Air turbo

    Any early experiences? Strangely no media reviews yet but some online sites showing they are available.
  18. Rooster1

    Bkool or Zwift ?

    And what's the best starter trainer ? Am considering a BKOOL SMART PRO 2 TURBO TRAINER ?
  19. Ohthehills


    Hi all I am looking for bkool members I can friend up with for rides and training anyone out there that wants to add me plz feel free or leave your names below so I can add you. https://www.bkool.com/Ohthehills I need friends lmao
  20. gos

    Bkool and ANT+ problems

    Hi, I haven't been using Bkool for a few months but when I started it recently and updated the client is no longer detects my ANT+ dongle. I have the same hardware (same laptop, dongle, trainer) and same operating system which worked before. Also, Garmin Express immediately detects the dongle...
  21. borchgrevink

    Fastest tyre on Bkool pro? 23/35?

    Possible to answer this? Is 23 or 25 fastest?
  22. Sjw

    Bkool beta tester

    For a newer updated version. Any out there?
  23. K

    Bkool Smart Bike experiences?

    Hi, Has anyone got the new Bkool Smart Bike and could give a review? I can't find any decent reviews online. I mean the standalone spinning bike model, not any turbo trainer model. Thanks!
  24. kingrollo

    bkool and zwift both crash !

    I have a new tacx 2240 and have begun using it with bkool and zwift I have acer laptop with i5 processor, 4gb ram - intel hdr 4400 graphics - both just stop responding during use - the most I have got is around 10 minutes with bkool. The graphics don't show me slowing down - or dismounting so...
  25. A

    Bkool workout sync with Strava

    Anyone figured out if this can be done? It can push through to Training Peaks but not Strava.
  26. bridgy

    Problems with Bkool

    I have the opportunity to send a list of problems with Bkool direct to their management. Please post in this thread any serious/fixable problems you would like me to pass on......
  27. Zidi

    BKOOL International group ride

    :welcome:Tomorrow, saturday 27.1.2018 you are all welcomed to join in for First BKOOL international group ride :hyper: Route profile Name of the route: "Montenmedio-Puerto del Bujeo3" Start time 10:00 CTE (10min before start jou can join in "LIVE") There will be some "ghosts" and "bots" to...
  28. Lindilu

    Bkool smart air simulator

    Has anyone bought the smart air simulator? How is it ? thinking of upgrading. cheers
  29. humphuk

    Bkool simulator - Android tv box

    Hi. I have been running Bkool on two laptops...with results I dont really understand, as the higher spec PC (processor, graphics, SSD) has a harder time with the Bkool app (delays, rendering quality etc). I noticed it looks fine on my android phone - so wonder if anyone has been successful...
  30. Aleman

    9th Jan BKool

    Is it just me or can no one else log in to Bkools Website??
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