1. dim

    Strava Elevation Question

    On sunday, I went for a ride (92km with an elevation of just over 700 meters) According to Strava, my previous best climbing ride was 103 m, yet on my profile page, it still shows my biggest climb as 103 meters? Just a bit puzzled, as it has not updated since sunday? I uploaded from my Garmin...
  2. maxfox44

    Strava Premium cost difference

    Hi Guys I've been using Strava free for 18 months or so now and having got a Garmin Edge 820, I thought I'd go premium and get the segments live on screen to add a bit of interest. I'm slightly puzzled by the cost. If I go on their website and "go premium" it's £39.99/yr or £3.99/mo. But if...
  3. Mojonaut

    Strava sharing to Facebook broken?

    Anyone use Strava website and share to Facebook? It's worked fine for the past couple of years, it copies across the ride details and a mini map of the ride, for the last few days though nothing. If I manually paste the Strava activity url and post onto Facebook all I see is the html link and...
  4. HarryTheDog

    Strava Fly-by setting or bug?

    On my commute I shadowed a guy going at a decent rate for a few miles then he turned off. When I got home I looked to see if he was on fly-by, he did not show up but someone further up the road did so I looked at their fly-bys and the guy just in front of me appeared on their list. Also when I...
  5. grellboy

    Kids on Strava - Sharing my Garmin?

    Having recently wowed the kids with two KOMs on Strava (they are easily impressed due to a lifetime of paternal underachievement!) they now both want me to make them a Strava account so they can record times too: basically, I think they just want to see their names on a chart somewhere! Anyway I...
  6. helston90

    Garmin and Strava Live

    Finally got on board the Garmin band wagon with a 520, one of my reasons for wanting this one is the Strava Live Segments. I have very little time to do cycling so tend to go for a jolly good all out thrash whenever I get a chance- the Strava Live has really pushed me to increase my...
  7. grellboy

    Is this cheating?

    Only been on Strava a couple of weeks and just bagged my first KOM - out of 360. Now whilst my fellow Strivers ( Stravettes?) may be in awe of my newfound prowess, I know it was almost solely achieved due to my shameless manipulation of the wind conditions. There is a north facing straight...
  8. Moe

    Strava Ghost Rider Problem

    My two cycling buddies and I are all on Strava, (Hilary, Julie and me) on one of our rides Julie used Hilary's computer to log a ride we did, she logged into her own account and used her own garmin watch. but, since then Hilary cannot get her off our rides, even though Julie is not there with us...
  9. G

    How to add heart rate data to Strava rides

    It is frustrating when you are using HRM data to monitor your fitness (e.g. Strava fitness and freshness) and you end up with a ride with no HRM data, either because you forgot to wear your HR band or the battery went. Here is a way you can insert an average HR across the ride: I managed to...
  10. R

    Strava times For alpine climb alpe d'huez

    Can anyone help explain, I'm looking at he Strava times for the alpe d'huez climb and in the over 55s section the vam figures don't seem to tally with the metres ascended that are on the internet covering the description of the climb, in particular after the first top 50 places they appear to...
  11. oldgreyandslow

    Strava Woes

    Anyone else still having problems with Strava? My Ride London segments are still wrong, Strava thinks I've done some of the segments 3 times, yet I've only entered twice! It's only the earlier ones that seem out and all the rides I've logged since are fine
  12. livpoksoc

    Strava not fetching RideLondon

    My Garmin Connect account is linked to Strava, and for months no issues. Right now it isn't showing yesterday's RideLondon, yet it does show my route to/from the start/finishes. Would it be down to the hold ups or something that is causing it? Originally the rides before and after didn't show...
  13. L

    Strava speeds

    Does anybody know how accurate the speed measurement is on Strava? Apparently my top speed today was 52.1mph, this would have been on the long descent from Bury hill down to Arundel. It's quick and is a lovely reward for the climb up there but 50mph seems off.
  14. junkie_ball

    This site may of be use to you fine folk

    So long story short went out on a ride this morning and my Garmin route went hey wire meaning my turn by turn instructions didn't work but i let it go as my riding partner had his Garmin with the same route and I had an idea of roughly where we were heading. Anyway after taking the wrong turn...
  15. Rooster1

    A change in Strava

    I have noticed that before this month, all rides used the start time as the time stamp for a ride. Now all my rides use the end time as the time stamp. I don't recall changing my settings. Both the rides below started around 8am.
  16. EnPassant

    Allen Carr's little strava addiction book.

    Wiki: Addiction, a brain disease characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences. (this page intentionally blank) Strava addiction is the new tobacco, you quit smoking with my little book. Now beat Strava with my new book. It's short. (this page...
  17. G


    Hi there I've downloaded the Strava app onto my phone. One of my friends has it too and he posts his trip details onto Facebook with it. I also have a Garmin Edge 200 cycling computer thingy! The thing is: I'm hopeless with technology - how do I use the Strava app to record and then post on...
  18. Phaeton

    Strava Premium

    I keep getting emails from Strava offering 30 days Free upgrade to Premium, on each occasion when I click through they want credit card details before giving me something free. I refuse to do this & email them n each occasion advising them, when they offer a free trail it should be exactly that...
  19. speccy1

    Found Strava useful, now I don`t...............

    I used to be very "bah humbug" when it came to Strava, and being competitive, but slowly, it grew on me and I started to get the bug, getting faster and fitter as time went on. Now, I`m finding the opposite, I feel slow and useless, I`ve scraped together 4 KOM`s in the last 3 years when others...
  20. MattMM

    Life Cycle for Neuroblastoma - new 1 million mile Strava club

    There's a guy who lives locally to me who's just about to complete 25,000 miles (mostly on his daily commute) for kids Neuroblastoma awareness and fundraising - link: Some great blogs in there plus Justgiving link Owing to him just about being finished...
  21. John the Monkey

    Strava Data Turned Into Music My rides won't be troubling Kraftwerk any time soon.
  22. Racing roadkill

    If it isn't on Strava ( other route loggers are available) it didn't happen

    I hear this often, sometimes in jest, sometimes I'm not sure. Now I habitually log my rides on Strava I'm in two minds about this sentiment. On one hand, I like to take people at their word, about their rides, on the other hand, I often hear people telling me about their 400km ride in...
  23. potsy

    One way to get up the Strava leaderboard?

  24. Cuchilo

    Strava people

    I noticed that this fella had asked Alex Dowsett for some kudos on his 40th birthday ride so i wished him happy birthday . Lets give him a cycle chat birthday greeting and all give him kudos and wish him Happy 40th Birthday I have no idea who he is by...
  25. ChrisV

    Strava on phone or Garmin - what's more accurate?

    Today, according to my Garmin 200, I cycled 36 miles with 2300 ft of elevation. According to my brother's phone with strava on it, we cycled 36 miles with about 1790 ft of elevation. What one is the right one?
  26. EasyPeez

    Sharing Strava Route via weblink

    Hi, Please forgive my ignorance but is there any way to share a Strava route I have created with people via a simple weblink? Or any other way of posting it in a message on CC without recourse to social media or e-mail? Thanks, Andy
  27. 13 rider

    Strava on a Mobile stopping recording

    I use a smart phone to record my rides on strava being doing it for over a year with very few issues . However during the last few weeks I experienced riding stopping recording at a point on the ride but still recording time . I have now pin pointed two different black holes were the mobile...
  28. Surlydave

    Strava activities.

    I have noticed that several riders are adding the Strava stats. to their ride notes, I would be interested to know how this is done. Many thanks, Surlydave.
  29. cm2mackem

    New Strava partner

    Has anyone else had this yound lady try to befriend them on Strava, somehow I don't think its bike ride she's after
  30. Tiny01

    Strava segment question ...

    Evening all , I'm a new Strava user & starting to find my way around it & understand how to star & un star segments but I'm a little confused as to what the number next to the star actually means / relates to , please could someone advise if possible thankyou I'll attach a picture to explain...
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