1. speccy1

    Found Strava useful, now I don`t...............

    I used to be very "bah humbug" when it came to Strava, and being competitive, but slowly, it grew on me and I started to get the bug, getting faster and fitter as time went on. Now, I`m finding the opposite, I feel slow and useless, I`ve scraped together 4 KOM`s in the last 3 years when others...
  2. MattMM

    Life Cycle for Neuroblastoma - new 1 million mile Strava club

    There's a guy who lives locally to me who's just about to complete 25,000 miles (mostly on his daily commute) for kids Neuroblastoma awareness and fundraising - link: Some great blogs in there plus Justgiving link Owing to him just about being finished...
  3. John the Monkey

    Strava Data Turned Into Music My rides won't be troubling Kraftwerk any time soon.
  4. Racing roadkill

    If it isn't on Strava ( other route loggers are available) it didn't happen

    I hear this often, sometimes in jest, sometimes I'm not sure. Now I habitually log my rides on Strava I'm in two minds about this sentiment. On one hand, I like to take people at their word, about their rides, on the other hand, I often hear people telling me about their 400km ride in...
  5. potsy

    One way to get up the Strava leaderboard?

  6. Cuchilo

    Strava people

    I noticed that this fella had asked Alex Dowsett for some kudos on his 40th birthday ride so i wished him happy birthday . Lets give him a cycle chat birthday greeting and all give him kudos and wish him Happy 40th Birthday I have no idea who he is by...
  7. ChrisV

    Strava on phone or Garmin - what's more accurate?

    Today, according to my Garmin 200, I cycled 36 miles with 2300 ft of elevation. According to my brother's phone with strava on it, we cycled 36 miles with about 1790 ft of elevation. What one is the right one?
  8. EasyPeez

    Sharing Strava Route via weblink

    Hi, Please forgive my ignorance but is there any way to share a Strava route I have created with people via a simple weblink? Or any other way of posting it in a message on CC without recourse to social media or e-mail? Thanks, Andy
  9. 13 rider

    Strava on a Mobile stopping recording

    I use a smart phone to record my rides on strava being doing it for over a year with very few issues . However during the last few weeks I experienced riding stopping recording at a point on the ride but still recording time . I have now pin pointed two different black holes were the mobile...
  10. Surlydave

    Strava activities.

    I have noticed that several riders are adding the Strava stats. to their ride notes, I would be interested to know how this is done. Many thanks, Surlydave.
  11. cm2mackem

    New Strava partner

    Has anyone else had this yound lady try to befriend them on Strava, somehow I don't think its bike ride she's after
  12. Tiny01

    Strava segment question ...

    Evening all , I'm a new Strava user & starting to find my way around it & understand how to star & un star segments but I'm a little confused as to what the number next to the star actually means / relates to , please could someone advise if possible thankyou I'll attach a picture to explain...
  13. Fifelad

    Using strava on smart phone abroad

    I,m led to believe I should not get charged if I turn my roaming off on my phone and the strava will still work ok then download at the end of the day ie hotel with free wi fi ?? If advice please
  14. huwsparky

    Garmin - 2nd Bike - Strava

    Hi guys/gals Looking for some advice on how to make sure I log milage to the correct bike in Strava as I've just bought another. I've setup a different different bike both on my Garmin and Strava. Ideally I'd just like to know what I need to do to get my Garmin to log things correctly as I...
  15. Shaun

    Strava activity embedding

    I've added a new media code that allows you to embed your Strava activities into your CC posts. Below is an example link I've borrowed from a post by @w00hoo_kent: This will now be converted...
  16. grellboy

    why does strava do this on my phone?

    Just been out on my bike. Probably rode about 30k in about 80 mins or so, although apparently not according to strava!! Any ideas why this happens?
  17. Tiny01

    Strava app users - free or upgrade to premium ?

    Evening all .. Please bear with me on this one as was only made aware of this app on Saturday & had my first ride out using it on Sunday , with what I've seen of it so far it seems impressive & the auto pause / resume is kinda cool along with a few other features Now I'm thinking is it worth...
  18. spennie

    Clubs on strava

    HI,i've just started using strava and was just wondering if there were any recumbent trike clubs on it, i could join?
  19. Kevin Alexander

    Strava Help!!

    Hi Guys Planning a 100k route this weekend and strava doesnt show the conditions of roads so I decided I would steal a route that other people have done using the activity search. I have found one that I like the look of and wondered how/if you can export the map to a Garmin so that I could be...
  20. Leaway2

    Strava missing activity

    I completed a ride and uploaded to Strava. I also posted to Facebook ( I know........). It shows on FB but is not in my Strava activities. If I click on the FB entry, it take me to Strava and the ride is there, but I do not see it if I log in to Strava. The ride is still on my phone. The app...
  21. junkie_ball

    Bkool and Strava Syncing

    Hi i am using a bkool pro trainer along with a premium bkool simulator subscription. I'm having an issue where it is taking 2-3 days for my workouts to sync to strava. I believe this is a Bkool issue as syncing from garmin connect is instantly. I like to have all my activities in strava to...
  22. D

    How to stop Strava using Facebook profile image

    Anyone know how to do this? I can change the picture manually, but then it updates again next time I update my Facebook. At the moment, my Facebook (and so Strava) pic is an embarrassing image of me as a child -- not the cool, racing machine image I want to present on Strava!
  23. iancity

    Strava segments appearing

    Got an Edge 520 as a Christmas present, just messing around with segments now, and notice there have been 20 segments added to my device (shown when connected to the computer) that I have never heard of. They were all added the day my device was shipped, and are all around Dorset (about as far...
  24. Mark1978

    Strava to MyCyclingLog

    I've done a bit of a search, but haven't found anything that automatically syncs strava rides with MyCyclingLog. Anyone know of anything that does this? If not, and its something that people may use then I might be tempted to knock something up myself to do this.
  25. Racing roadkill

    Strava oddities.

    I've just had a good look at the ride I did yesterday, on Strava. It's thrown a right wobbler on one small segment. It seems to think I did a 23% climb, at 14 mph, and a VAM of about 5500:laugh:. I did the climb, and I can confirm, it wasn't done at 14 mph, and I'm not even sure a VAM of 5500 is...
  26. 13 rider

    Strava mobile app

    I use a mobile phone to record rides on strava then upload and use an android tablet to look at rides on an App.Since the new year the ride upload but is not visible on the app but is on then ride then appears hours later .Also when I ride with other people this does not show .Anyone...
  27. tincaman

    Your Strava for 2015

  28. Stevec047

    Strava compatability hr monitors

    So as some of you may be aware Christmas is just around the corner and I was thinking as I am trying to get fitter and train up for a couple 50k or 100k rides next summer I was thinking of purchasing a hrm. Question is I currently run Strava (the free version) which I really quite like as it...
  29. jefmcg

    Britain sure liked/likes its Strava

    I posted this in another thread but I thought it might be interesting to other readers. In 2013, Strava took a random northern-hemisphere Saturday and created a heat map of all the rides. You can see it here or read the blog post about it. By observation, the slider is local time. So if you...
  30. Subotai72

    Family Cycle Rides v Strava-ists!

    Myself and the family frequently use the excellent traffic-free cyclepaths around Chester and along the River Dee (Route 5 & NCN 568). It great to see loads of other families using them too, whether it's pushing babies in prams, walking the dog or giving the kids a first taste of cycling in a...
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