1. Bimble

    30 Mile commute - How fast on an electric bike?

    My current commute is around 30 miles and averages 50 mins by car. I could cycle it but am time-constrained and need to keep the commute to around an hour; but could push it to 1hr 15mins if doable. Would an electric bike be fast enough to do 30 miles in an hour and fifteen or would it be...
  2. ChrisKH

    Islabike Beinn 24" Hybrid (Touring, Commuter, Off-Road) - £200.00 SOLD

    Son's first bike, lightly used at weekends following me down cycle paths. 8 speed twist grip, which works as it did when I bought it. Did less than 50 miles I reckon. Some superficial scratches but in good condition. Original tyres and the brake pads which both look like new. Never been out in...
  3. ChrisKH

    Islabike Beinn 26 - Child's Hybrid: Touring, Weekend, Commuter, Off-Road Bike - Used (But Never Used) - £300.00 SOLD

    Hi, haven't posted for a while (had knee replacement surgery last year and work stopped me posting before that!) and put this up for sale previously, but no interest. Bought this brand new for my son who rode it round the block and never got on it again (ungrateful so and so). Been in storage...
  4. Proto

    Commuter Lights

    I know nothing about London commuting but #3 daughter is now commuting in south London and needs some decent lights. Christmas is coming and I thought I'd treat her. Only a mile or so each way, so doesn't need to have big battery capacity but easy to mount and remove from bike, easy to charge...

    My new (to me anyway) Commuter

    Hello, My original commuter a Revolution courier became worn out (plus I was becoming a little bored of it) As I had already gone through two rear wheels and needed to replace both the front and rear wheels plus other parts I decided to pick up something second hand but in good condition...
  6. D

    Wtd: Gravel type commuter road bike, with hydraulics - upto £800 for 5'11" bloke.

    As title, I was going for a Boardman 8.9 ADV on the c2w scheme but my company will not let me use Halfords and I'm struggling to find anything to match the bike spec. Must have room for wider tyres and muguards and decent brakes. In Bristol.
  7. D

    c2w commuter bike - Boardman adv 8.9 vs triban 520 or something else?

    Looking for something on the c2w scheme. I have to stick to the named suppliers and am looking at £800 max spend. Current steed is a £200 Halfords TDF but recent knee issues means I need to look to cycling to try to keep the middle aged spread at bay. I currently do 13 miles (return) most...
  8. dutchguylivingintheuk

    Difference between an Raleigh pioneer Commuter and Wisp

    Hello all, As some my recognize in my profile picture i now have an Raleigh Pioneer Commuter what i have found a begin 90'' model. (with Weimar brakes.) It drove very well for the past year and a half but unfortnuatlly it no has developed a long list of issues. As i can't do most repairs myself...
  9. Grievesy

    Finally got a new commuter :)

    I'd been drooling over the thought of a new commuter for some time now, and I'd always had my eyes on but at £800 (££719 just now with discount) I still thought it was a bit steep. Yesterday I got an email from planetX...
  10. JhnBssll

    Installing a dynamo hub & lights on the Charge Plug commuter

    I've been looking at dynamo powered lights for a while and yesterday I finally ordered some bits. I'm a pretty competent mechanic but having never fitted a dynamo before I thought I'd run through my plans to see if I'm about to do anything dim or make my life harder than it need be :okay: With...
  11. simon the viking

    Got another cycle commuter in the family..

    I drive and own a car.. But prefer to cycle as it keeps me fit(tish) and saves cash and stops adding to pollution.. Mrs V cycles most days and occasionally walks (doesn't drive) And Little V... Now cycles the 2 miles to his new school and loves it. I was unsure but he was keen and a few of his...
  12. JhnBssll

    Kona Caldera commuter

    Thought I'd put a thread together to show the progress I'm making with converting my Caldera to a winter commuter. I won't be retiring the charge as #1 commuter but the Kona is not getting used so I figured I'd try and give it a new lease of life ^_^ I built it up at the start of the year and...
  13. J

    Quick Release Commuter Light

    Looking for something between £40 and £50 that can be attached to the ebike and then removed for weekend riding anything out there??
  14. I like Skol

    What bike to replace my dead hybrid commuter?

    The day I hoped would never come is here. :sad: My much loved commuter bike is finished due to a fatigue crack developing in the aluminium frame. There have been many, many happy miles in the last 8yrs and the bike has exceeded expectations in terms of comfort, speed, reliability and enjoyment...
  15. P

    RANS commuter pics

    Having put a 20" front wheel on my Stratus XP, I had to sort out a new front mudguard to fit the 26" wheel fork. One week of commuting and getting used to it and getting faster. front muguard by PaulM posted 31 Aug 2018 at 21:56 Front right 1/4 by PaulM posted 31 Aug 2018 at 21:56 Mudguard...
  16. skudupnorth

    Updated commuter tank

    The commuter tank has now lost its gears and is now single speed. Planet X came to the rescue with the goodies including the conversion kit for the rear sprocket, On-one chain tensioner, Stronglight chainset and KMC chain. Everything went together well and hopefully Gould give good service.
  17. L

    Full Monty SL or London Road for commuter??

    Hi All! Would you please tell me which bike would will be better as commuter? Both around 600£ at the moment.
  18. confusedcyclist

    new commuter bike

    Looking for advice on a sub £1000 commuter bike, preferably with rack, mudguard and disc brakes but more importantly an internal gear hub, min 8 speed, must be able to purchase with cycle to work scheme voucher.
  19. M

    XL Road Bike (Commuter)

    Hi, After the insurance company has finally given sent a cheque after the accident, I'm looking for a cheapish XL road bike to act as a commuter. Not really too bothered about make etc, but probably in the price £200-300, and as I'm 6'4", it has to be XL and in reasonable condition.
  20. stoatsngroats

    Starting a commuter ‘train’ in Rural Chichester.

    My OH is considering a 10 mile cycle to work, which would use rural fast roads towards Chichester, and then out the other end towards Witterings/Selsey, but she would prefer to have someone with her. She’s thinking of starting a group commute, and then joining other staff to ride the last couple...
  21. U

    Ortlieb Commuter Bag Large Ql2

  22. skudupnorth

    Commuter tank rebuild

    Decided to rebuild the Heinz 57 commuter tank using the remains in my long dead Sirrus Hybrid as a donor bike. Based on a 1990’s MTB frame courtesy of Skolly, I will sport SKS mudguards and rear Tortec rear carrier all reused off the Sirrus with a few mods. I have been using my fixie during...
  23. Polite

    Recommendations for a commuter jacket

    I'm looking for something that is; visible (day and night) waterproof breathable with front pockets (for phone/keys/wallet) Thanks
  24. J

    Show us your Updated Commuter Bike

    Its 2018......bikes have been bought, sold, traded and discarded. So lets see what your spending 2018 commuting on................any bike can be included Alu, Ti, Carbon, Steel, MTB, Road, Cyclocross, Flatbar, Dropbar, Fatbike, Monster cross Whatever it is, lets See it
  25. Polite

    ***Sold***Ortlieb Bag. Offers considered.

    This commuter bag (large) has a laptop pocket and plenty of space for work items. It is only a few months old and hasn't been used that often so is in fantastic condition, it's pretty much as new. Here is the link from the website...
  26. P

    CX Commuter Advise

    I'd like to start commuting by bike ( 7 miles each way). I would do this on my road bike but the cycle paths round me don't really deserve the name and the roads to work are mostly dual carriageways (and I rather like being alive!) I thought a more solid CX bike with wider tyres etc would fit...
  27. C

    Best commuter pannier?

    This is for my son who's a student in London. So it needs to be big enough and tough enough to carry files, laptop etc..... I was thinking Ortlieb, Altura etc. Probably just one pannier (I know) as he will still carry a rucksack. Not super expensive either, he's funding it.
  28. annirak

    Commuter bike for towing a trailer

    I've started pulling a trailer about 14 miles a day. I'm doing this on my old Trek FX 7.0. I find I rarely get above 38x20 on 700c wheels. The trailer weighs about 24kg unloaded and I have another 20kg worth of kid and gear in it. I've already broken an axle & QR skewer, worn out a chain, and...
  29. Joey Shabadoo

    Helmet Cam Man Beware

    A story on the BBC about the police accepting Dashcam footage as evidence of road traffic offences. Could this be used to help prosecute some of the more irresponsible cyclists? More generally - good...
  30. Sixmile

    The £5k commuter club Hands up, who's in it?! Or who was in it? As someone well outside of London and it's ways, I find the sums here quite hard to fathom. I knew the trains in England are expensive but that's a serious amount of money to get to work. Money aside though...
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