1. D

    Outdoor storage box for a bike?

    Hi all. I've been looking for an outdoor storage box as a means of storing a bike. Has anyone done this before and can recommend one that was big enough? If it didn't work, what are my alternatives?
  2. M

    Top tube bag for mobile phone storage

    Hello all, I'm looking for recommendations for a new top tube bag to store my mobile phone in while riding. My previous one, the Topeak TriBag - 0.6L ( worked great in terms of fitting my previous phone snugly, keeping water off of it, and being...
  3. S

    Garden bike storage

    Hi all, I've got a Carrera Subway and I currently store it in the house in a small cupboard under the stairs. It isn't ideal as I have to practically empty the entrance to the cupboard of bins and other bits every time I want to go for a ride. I've got a Keter Store It Out Max and a half-full...
  4. postman

    Bike storage.

    During our visit to in laws,we were able to hand our Son his bike back.He lives in a lovely apartment,but it's very short of space sadly.This bike is not being left in the storage area outside because of the threat of theft.So inside the small spare room.Sadly there is little space,he was going...
  5. Archie_tect

    Bike storage rack system : Bike Solutions from £59 + VAT

    Good quality storage rack system : Bike Solutions from £59 + VAT per bike.
  6. T

    Cycle storage

    Been looking at wall hangers for storing bike. Some wood efforts on Etsy that look smart. What does everyone use for bike storage on the wall in garage
  7. Globalti

    Storage heaters coming on later and later each day.

    Presently sitting wearing four layers and still cold as the storage heaters in this horrible bungalow are coming on later and later each day and right now it's a good 22 hours since they last came on. Seems the timer is slipping and loses an hour or two a day, in three months we've been round...
  8. RegG

    Bike storage solutions.... hanging a bike on garage wall

    I'm looking to hang my carbon bike on the garage wall now that I have cleared space.....! I have seen the Hangman bike storage hanger and was just wondering if anyone on here has experience of this particular hanger. Any other suggestions gratefully received.
  9. wafter

    Bike storage solutions..

    Another delightful side effect of my deteriorating domestic situation is that I'll no longer be able to store the bikes in the house; instead being relegated to a relatively small stone shed / outbuilding. This also has other purposes and space is extremely limited. No direct floor space will be...
  10. Twilkes

    Outdoor bike storage

    Is there any good outdoor bike storage that isn't a shed? I've seen a few but they tend to hold the bikes sideways meaning you have to take them all out if you want the one at the back. I guess one drawback is you can put anything in a shed, whereas a bike storage unit is much more difficult to...
  11. BurningLegs

    4x bike hook for vertical storage - £4 each - collection in Eastleigh, Hampshire

    I have four of these available - all in excellent condition (one still in packaging!) but without fixings. Great for road, mountain, or hybrid bikes with tyres upto 2.3" wide including childrens and e-bikes. Rubberised hook to prevent any damage to rims:
  12. nickg

    Bike storage

    I can possibly hang a bike up in my garage, what brackets are people using? We have 5 bikes, 4 adult and one junior. What's the best way to store to limit space? Any pictures would be great.
  13. icowden

    Shed storage...

    HI All, I am trying to solve a bicycle storage problem... So I have a bike shed. I converted my brick "side shed" a couple of years ago so I have a room 110cm wide, 200cm deep and 210cm high. In that room I have to store 4 bicyles, soon to be 5 bicycles. Plus bike rack for the car, and sundry...
  14. I

    Bike storage in loft

    I think this has been done before, but are bikes ok kept in lofts? I`m looking at moving house in the not too distant future, and am aiming for a bungalow, purely so I can have a decent loft space to kit out as a workshop/ pain cave etc etc. In my eyes it seems better to have my beloved fleet...
  15. D

    Vacuum Storage Bags

    Has anybody managed to buy any that actually work & don't leak so they become big again?
  16. MontyVeda

    Bike storage at work... who's liable for damage?

    Hypothetical question. We used to store our bikes in the boiler room, but apparently we can't because of H&S so we've been storing them in the staff canteen until today. Now the area manager says we have to store them in the warehouse where they'll be more at risk to damage from day to day...
  17. Joey Shabadoo

    Taking a bike out of storage

    Tomorrow I plan to dig my Tricross out of the shed and give it a once over before taking it out again. The last time I rode it was August 2017 and it's been hanging, neglected, in my shed since. I always took pretty good care of it - regular cleaning, re-lube chain periodically etc so what...
  18. steveindenmark

    Bike storage - Simple but clever.

    I have just found this bike storage idea, which I have not seen before.
  19. K

    Manchester Velodrome - Bike Storage

    Hello all, quick question if I may. For those that keep their bikes at the Velodrome, have you been able to sort insurance so they're fully covered in the event of theft? Also, do you know when we'd find out if there's an open spot if we're on the waiting list? I'm hoping to get myself a shiny...
  20. Racing Snake

    Cycloc bike storage device

    Space saving stylish solution to bike storage. Excellent condition, I’ll even provide mounting hardware!
  21. rich p

    Bike storage sheds for a smallish front garden

    Any recommendations to save me building one?
  22. ChrisEyles

    Bike storage box

    Approx dimensions 150cm long 75cm wide 95cm tall The previous occupants of our house used it to store a couple of bikes in (having looked at the dimensions I imagine they must have had to take one of the wheels out to to this, but that's no problem wth Q/R I guess). Dismantled into flatpack...
  23. EasyPeez

    Winter Bike Storage

    Now I have a dedicated commuting bike my steel framed road bike is seeing very little action (i.e none in the last couple of months) over the winter. It's stored in an unheated brick shed with one of these chucked over it -...
  24. clid61

    Cycle storage solutions

    Hi all , live alone so no problem leaving bikes all over the place . I'm houseproud though cram 3 under the stairs but would like ease of access to all 3.suggestions of hanging a MTB an a road bike for easy access in this area . Ps the door is off but will be going back on , door closes with...
  25. DDE

    Bike storage for wooden deck

    I've moved into a new place and only outside space I have access to is a smallish wooden deck to the rear of the property. I'm looking to get a suitable bike that could be fitted to the deck. I realise it won't be as secure as a concrete foundation so trying to think of alternative options...
  26. Polite

    Storage advice on a touring bike

    I'm looking for a way of storing spare tube, mini tool, levers and a few bits and bobs. I love the saddle bags Carradice offer in terms of practicality but they're not really easy to get on and off. So, I'm after something that can be taken on/off easily, isn't massive and ideally has the retro...
  27. G


    Now that I have 3 bikes (two road and one hybrid) and I live in a one bedroom flat which is the size of a coffee table, I really need to think about storage! I was thinking of buying this and putting my two road bikes on it (as they are the lighter of the 3) and then storing my hybrid bike in...
  28. Levo-Lon

    Phone storage question

    I have a J5 samsung phone that has 8gb storage. Its saying ive used 95% ... I put a SD card in but its made no difference. I also deleted a few apps like Ebay and a couple of others. I asked at Carphone and they said i should just get a new phone?? Its a year old ffs So is there any reason why...
  29. I

    Bike storage puzzle, what to do................

    My brain is hurting on this one! I came home on Thursday with my shiny new n+1 :smile: But, there lies a problem, I don`t know where the hell to keep it:banghead: My garage is out of the question as I have 7 bikes in there already and it all fits together like a game of tetris, this leaves...
  30. wisdom

    Lithium ion battery lamp storage

    Just a question.Now the lighter mornings are on the way,It won't be long before lights will be put away. What's the best way to store them fully charged and just in a dry environment. Or periodic charges throughout the summer.What do you recommend?
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