1. Phaeton

    Vacuum Storage Bags

    Has anybody managed to buy any that actually work & don't leak so they become big again?
  2. MontyVeda

    Bike storage at work... who's liable for damage?

    Hypothetical question. We used to store our bikes in the boiler room, but apparently we can't because of H&S so we've been storing them in the staff canteen until today. Now the area manager says we have to store them in the warehouse where they'll be more at risk to damage from day to day...
  3. Joey Shabadoo

    Taking a bike out of storage

    Tomorrow I plan to dig my Tricross out of the shed and give it a once over before taking it out again. The last time I rode it was August 2017 and it's been hanging, neglected, in my shed since. I always took pretty good care of it - regular cleaning, re-lube chain periodically etc so what...
  4. steveindenmark

    Bike storage - Simple but clever.

    I have just found this bike storage idea, which I have not seen before.
  5. K

    Manchester Velodrome - Bike Storage

    Hello all, quick question if I may. For those that keep their bikes at the Velodrome, have you been able to sort insurance so they're fully covered in the event of theft? Also, do you know when we'd find out if there's an open spot if we're on the waiting list? I'm hoping to get myself a shiny...
  6. Racing Snake

    Cycloc bike storage device

    Space saving stylish solution to bike storage. Excellent condition, I’ll even provide mounting hardware!
  7. rich p

    Bike storage sheds for a smallish front garden

    Any recommendations to save me building one?
  8. ChrisEyles

    Bike storage box

    Approx dimensions 150cm long 75cm wide 95cm tall The previous occupants of our house used it to store a couple of bikes in (having looked at the dimensions I imagine they must have had to take one of the wheels out to to this, but that's no problem wth Q/R I guess). Dismantled into flatpack...
  9. EasyPeez

    Winter Bike Storage

    Now I have a dedicated commuting bike my steel framed road bike is seeing very little action (i.e none in the last couple of months) over the winter. It's stored in an unheated brick shed with one of these chucked over it -...
  10. clid61

    Cycle storage solutions

    Hi all , live alone so no problem leaving bikes all over the place . I'm houseproud though cram 3 under the stairs but would like ease of access to all 3.suggestions of hanging a MTB an a road bike for easy access in this area . Ps the door is off but will be going back on , door closes with...
  11. DDE

    Bike storage for wooden deck

    I've moved into a new place and only outside space I have access to is a smallish wooden deck to the rear of the property. I'm looking to get a suitable bike that could be fitted to the deck. I realise it won't be as secure as a concrete foundation so trying to think of alternative options...
  12. Polite

    Storage advice on a touring bike

    I'm looking for a way of storing spare tube, mini tool, levers and a few bits and bobs. I love the saddle bags Carradice offer in terms of practicality but they're not really easy to get on and off. So, I'm after something that can be taken on/off easily, isn't massive and ideally has the retro...
  13. G


    Now that I have 3 bikes (two road and one hybrid) and I live in a one bedroom flat which is the size of a coffee table, I really need to think about storage! I was thinking of buying this and putting my two road bikes on it (as they are the lighter of the 3) and then storing my hybrid bike in...
  14. Levo-Lon

    Phone storage question

    I have a J5 samsung phone that has 8gb storage. Its saying ive used 95% ... I put a SD card in but its made no difference. I also deleted a few apps like Ebay and a couple of others. I asked at Carphone and they said i should just get a new phone?? Its a year old ffs So is there any reason why...
  15. I

    Bike storage puzzle, what to do................

    My brain is hurting on this one! I came home on Thursday with my shiny new n+1 :smile: But, there lies a problem, I don`t know where the hell to keep it:banghead: My garage is out of the question as I have 7 bikes in there already and it all fits together like a game of tetris, this leaves...
  16. wisdom

    Lithium ion battery lamp storage

    Just a question.Now the lighter mornings are on the way,It won't be long before lights will be put away. What's the best way to store them fully charged and just in a dry environment. Or periodic charges throughout the summer.What do you recommend?
  17. Ice2911

    Cunning plan and bike storage

    My lovely OH,who I have to say has been very understanding, would quite like the dining room back. This week I was tasked with sorting the shed to enable bikes to be stored in there. Used some of the tips from a thread on here. Note the cunning plan, two older bikes stored, space for my new...
  18. Ben Reeve

    Garage Tool Storage

    I'm sure many of have done similar but proud of my efforts this weekend to get all of my tools stored away properly!
  19. bikeman66

    Bike Storage At The Olympic Park?

    Hi all, Me and the family are going to the World Athletics Championships at the Olympic Stadium next year. We're staying about 6-7 miles from the venue and driving in is not a viable option. Train is a bit "round the houses" and we'd be on it for 1.5 hours to get where we are going. Cycling...
  20. Cuchilo

    Cycle storage ideas

    I seem to remember a while a go there where some very smart ideas for bike storage indoors but i cant find the thread . The one that sticks in my mind was a floating shelf but i cant remember any more details so i can make one . Any ideas out there ?
  21. Black Sheep

    Bike storage - hung on end?

    Hello, I'm planning one of the last parts of our house renovation, the bike storage and downstairs loo. The loo is already in place, just waiting for it's cubicle building around it, it'll be a similar size to a standard cubicle in a public toilet - details beyond this are irrelevant, lets...
  22. Pennine-Paul

    Storage Heaters and controller problems............

    My new partners place has 3 storage heaters that are controlled by an Electratech system and a smart heat controller,we had to turn the electric off briefly and now the storage heaters won't work,the controlling system is an archaic thing from the mid eighties and there's very little information...
  23. livpoksoc

    Appropriate shed/storage

    Living in a ground floor flat with limited space and a wife with a serious aversion to seeing my bike (and golf clubs, turbo trainer, football kit etc.) inside, I need to find a suitable solution. We have a private rear garden for the flats where I have a frame my brother made as part of his...
  24. Psycolist

    Bike storage - can I hang some ?

    Tonight, I was trying to work out if I could 'hang' a couple of bikes from the roof joists of my shed I got one up there, secure and hanging, BUT the way it hung is that all the weight of the bike is taken by the handlebars. The bike is about 1.5mtrs off the floor, hung parallel to the floor...
  25. lanternerouge

    Storage for bike stuff

    Hi guys Anyone got any good recommendations for storage for my bike stuff? I currently have 3 or 4 plastic boxes with shoes, helmets, gilets, lights, tools, inner tubes, cleaning stuff etc etc. I was wondering if anyone had found a cool way to organise and store all this stuff - so that 1) it...
  26. junkie_ball

    Bike storage help -

    So i have a new carbon bike and have done exactly one ride on it. I go to adjust the saddle height in the garage today and noticed there is now a scratch about 3 quarter of an inch long on the rear triangle. I know scratches are going to happen but am most annoyed as i didn't do it and the...
  27. Ajay

    Stuttgart Airport - Bike box storage

    Hi, does anyone have any suggestions for where to store 2 hard case bike boxes at or near Stuttgart airport? (Going by the info on the airport website their lockers would be too small). We have used the CTC poly bags before, but this time we're camping, so I'd feel more comfortable using the...
  28. Tin Pot

    TP's Tyre maintenance and tube storage

    Hi all, How are tyres to be maintained - are you supposed to pick bits out of them, wipe gritting salt off and/or fix minor cuts in them? Now I have a battery of spare tubes and tyres hanging in a fairly damp shed, how should these be stored and do they degrade? Also, what's the life...
  29. Reefcat

    Bike Storage - Hanging from wall?

    With our new bikes arriving next week, we're about to have a bit of a storage problem in the garage. Been looking around the web and there seem to be any number of "solutions". With the space we have available, the wall hooks that hang the bike vertically against the wall look like the most...
  30. L

    Brighton Stn Cycle Centre

    I am moving to Brighton soon with my two bikes. Unfortunately there is no space inside the flat I have rented for a bike, and only racks outside on the pavement. I can leave my city bike there but not my road bike. I have been trying to see if there is any private indoor bike parking/storage I...
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